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Taking on Salesforce Integration

To fully utilize the power of Salesforce, it is paramount for you to have an integrated software ecosystem. Synatic is a hybridized Integration, ETL, API management, and Data Warehouse tool that allows you to supercharge your Salesforce implementation. Facilitating your digital transformation at unparalleled speed.

Do any of these questions sound familiar:

  • My business collates massive amounts of customer data that I’m forced to re-enter from Salesforce into my ERP system to create reports.
  • How can I get an accurate 360-degree view of my customers and all their interactions with my business?
  • How do I effectively manage my inventory to make sure that I know how much stock I have available when orders are processed using Salesforce?
  • How do I eliminate errors in client profile information, to avoid client service issues as well as regulatory risk?
  • I’m using legacy systems that are making my integration solution a difficult choice?
  • I want to integrate Saleforce into my solution stack, but I'm intimidated by the entire process and don’t know where to begin. How do I get my Salesforce integration up and running?

If this sounds familiar to you, and your frustrations fit into any of these categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

A dynamic Salesforce solution that delivers value at an unrivaled pace!

Synatic revolutionizes your data strategies.

Synatic supports revolutionary real time and batch processing models as well as a range of dynamic pre-built connectors and solutions for your Salesforce integration needs. These tools along with our simple drag and drop interface, simplify complex data automation challenges allowing you to re-invent the way that you manage your data.

Synatic has a proven track record.

Synatic streamlines your Salesforce integration and automation processes empowering you to rapidly and iteratively build solutions. Our platform brings together a combination of ETL, integration, warehouse and API management paradigms into a unified platform resulting in a central location to manage all your Salesforce automation needs. This gives you the edge over any data challenge.

Our powerful hybrid integration platform is able to ETL Salesforce data into your warehouse, fueling superior insights gleaned from raw customer data, without the headache of writing and maintaining complex ETL scripts.

Synatic’s JavaScript native, Docker Swarm or Kubeternetes (container-based) infrastructure allows for limitless capabilities to automate data, dealing with the flex and friction according to your needs and your growth. There is no need to learn bespoke languages to work with your data. Reduce your time spend on skilling up, and improve your time to value with Synatic

Here is how Synatic’s unique features can meet any of your Salesforce specific requirements.

Data Load & Extract

Synatic supports multifaceted Salesforce Bulk API for data loading and extraction to and from multiple databases and storage systems. In process transformation, validation, enrichment and aggregation ensures efficient data intake and output Lookup Buffers provide a mechanism to cache and lookup any mapping information without the need to exhaust Salesforce API limits and along with On-premise Relays allow for any on-premise data sources to be included into a flow. This could be key in decreasing the load on outdated technology stacks when implementing Salesforce within your software ecosystem.

Platform Events

Synatic supports full integration with Salesforce platform events to create real-time integrations. This provides the ability to call out and complete integrations that require external system updates. With full tracking and the ability to return results as platform events or to directly update objects, the flexibility is endless.

The unique Buffering ability means that these updates can be staged and executed in batch, limiting API call limit challenges, giving your business limitless potential for growth.

Salesforce Connectivity

Using Synatic's oData or REST API Builder, external systems and services can be exposed as External Objects in a few clicks, using a drag and drop interface without any coding required.

Synatic's multi-mode deployment model (Our Cloud, Your Cloud, and On-Prem) and our Relay data marshaling technology generate unprecedented leverage of your data wherever it may be located.


Synatic has a built-in data warehouse. As part of our vision to encapsulate all your data needs in Synatic, the platform allows storage of your data for both BI and AI needs. This allows for an entirely unique proposition to combine moving your data, and storing your data. Once the data is stored, swiftly create a Synatic API layer with your data and publish it to your customer portal, or to your chosen BI solution. The power in ETL, Integration, API Management, and Warehousing is born out in this point. True data automation. Get your data to where you need it.

APEX & Metadata API Integration

Synatic is fully integrated into the APEX API allowing for the execution of APEX packages as part of flows. Synatic's HTTP Triggers and API Builder unlocks the ability to effortlessly create HTTP endpoints for APEX functions to call and execute either synchronously or asynchronously. Synatic has full integration to the Salesforce Metadata Explorer as part of our connectors, to query or update object metadata as well as simplifying usage in the Synatic UI. This simplified mapping and querying UI gives you business visibility, control and freedom.

Simplified Error Management

Synatic provides industry leading simplicity and comprehensiveness in error management. Through our debugging and operations portal features, resolving any error in your Salesforce integration becomes an effortless process. With Synatic, your Salesforce integration solutions rapidly transition from development, to testing, to implementation, thereby improving your Salesforce solution’s Time to Value. Within Synatic’s operations portal you can view pinpointed errors in your solutions which are highlighted prior to you running your flows, allowing you to resolve issues as they arise.

Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Synatic has multiple connectors for Marketing Cloud and Pardot that can be harnessed to instantly improve communication between Salesforce products not utilizing the same API schema.

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