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for Wealth Management

Achieving Efficient Data Management, Quality, and Consistency

The wealth management industry is multifaceted and extremely dynamic. It is for this reason that wealth management firms are searching for ways to better manage their customers’ investments and improve the way in which they respond to market conditions in a timely manner. Synatic focuses on collecting and aggregating disparate sets of data from multiple systems to unlock valuable insights and ensure heightened customer-centricity. If you are looking to strategically retain clients, and to augment services to these clients, you have found the solution.

Do any of these questions sound familiar:

  • How can I get an accurate and complete view of my clients’ investment portfolios?
  • I really need to automate advice and client reporting and I don’t know how?
  • How do I eliminate errors in client profile information, to avoid client service issues as well as regulatory risk?
  • My data is trapped in silos, how can I bring it together to drill down for insights?

If these sound familiar to you, and your frustrations fit into any of these categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.

A dynamic solution designed to help
Wealth Management Firms automate their data

Synatic revolutionizes your data strategies.

Synatic revolutionizes your data strategies. Our platform brings together ETL, Integration, API management, and data laking into one solution. You can develop a data automation strategy to reduce the number of interfaces and systems in use, and to identify a single true source of data. It has never been easier than with Synatic.

Synatic has a proven track record.

With Synatic you can seamlessly integrate KYC, OFAC checks and bank authorization procedures into your solution stack to assess customer risk and ensure that your firm meets legal requirements. Your compliance is key with various standards and regulations.

Automating your onboarding process is critical for a successful client experience. Increasingly customers will return to your services if your services are easier to consume. Synatic provides you with the ability to perform complex data automation tasks allowing you to build and automate your onboarding process to ensure your customers get immediate value from your service.

Whether you need to automate your business processes to eliminate human error or to remove cumbersome manual processes, Synatic’s powerful toolset with fully featured enterprise functionality enables automation or worflows for data management, reconciliations, and error processing.

Synatic believes in micro-innovation.

Diversifying investments and managing this data at a global level is simplified with Synatic. By using Synatic’s super caching capabilities you can transfer data into your asset management engines, and fetch results back into your solution stack to show the performance of your client's investments. You can publish this data in real time to your customer portal and to your selected BI engine. This ensures that both you and your clients have full visibility of their investments.

Progress now.

Core Focus Areas

CRM Integration
CRM Integration

Integrate customer, product, transaction, and investment related information

Data Aggregation

A holistic view of both customers and their assets, and the ability to use this data in customer-centric add on solutions.

Synatic BI Analytics
BI / Analytics

Analytics capabilities enable asset managers to better identify and engage with clients.


Create a fast, simple, intuitive customer experience.

Automating Data for Your Business Success

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