The Data Integration Challenge in the Insurance Industry

Businesses in the insurance industry are operating with increasingly complex systems with interconnected communities. The need to consolidate the data silos created by different systems can be challenging, and requires modern data integration and auatomation systems to be nimble, flexibile and provide a 360-degree view of their data.

The digital transformation that many businesses are currently undergoing demands addressing challenges head on, but also evaluating the tools and hybridized technologies that offer a solution for these specific needs.

Download our White Paper – The Data Integration Challenge in the Insurance industry, for an indepth look into these challenges and solutions when faced with modernization and automation for the insurance industry.

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Strategic Growth

"The Synatic team are exceptionally knowledgeable about all things integration and automation and always deliver when called upon.”

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Tokio Marine HCC

The great thing about Synatic is that if you have a data challenge, you can invariably solve it using their Hybrid Integration Platform.

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Working with Synatic was a great experience. Once we consulted with them to define the requirements of the solution there weren’t any roadblocks and the speed to market was impressive.

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