Move Your EDI Processes Into Modern Technology
and Realize Unrivaled Speed to Market

EDI Integration Built for Speed and Agility

Transform your business-to-business engagement with a Hybrid Integration Platform that provides
next-generation EDI functionality and innovation. With Synatic’s powerful toolset you can effectively
integrate with your partners, suppliers, vendors, and marketplaces to speed up data transfer and
operate smarter.

Do any of these questions sound familiar:

How can I transform my EDI messages to connect to backend systems and cloud
Using EDI networks or Value Added Networks (VANS) is extremely costly. How do I gain
more control over my EDI processes and eliminate third-party involvement?
How can I manage and monitor performance to ensure transactions are compliant with
partner performance SLAs?
How do I adopt modern technologies and applications while supporting legacy B2B EDI

If these sound familiar to you, and your frustrations fit into any of these
categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.

A dynamic solution designed to help manage
and modernize your B2B / EDI Network

Support key EDI specifications and formats
API connectivity that supports EDI/B2B communication
Nimble partner management 
Deliver accurate reports to your partner network 
Accelerate the technical partner onboarding process
Consolidate data into one incoming and outgoing point

The Advantages of Using Synatic for EDI


Unlock greater control over B2B data


Improve data visibility


Dramatically reduce lead time


Fast track transactional speed


Ensure document accuracy


Experience substantial resource savings

Automating Data for Your Business Success

How does the Synatic difference impact your business? See how we transformed PSA Insurance & Financial Services data challenges with our nimble, simple and powerful data integration solution.

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