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Hybrid Integration Platform

Today’s businesses use on-premises and cloud-based applications to innovate and drive results as part of their digital transformation. But before they can gain invaluable insights from raw data or deliver a seamless customer experience, they need to link and standardize data across their applications. And it’s all possible with the right hybrid integration platform.

What Is a Hybrid Integration Platform?

A hybrid integration platform refers to a framework of integration and governance capabilities enabling users to meet the requirements of different integration use cases. It provides enterprises with the tools they need to bridge on-premises and cloud applications and use data across environments—quickly, easily, and efficiently.

How Our Hybrid Integration Platform Helps You

When it comes to cross-platform integration, businesses must have a clear strategy that maps out the entire application landscape, identifies gaps, and ensures best practices on data management and reusability of assets. This is why it’s crucial to find the right integration partner.

Synatic offers a range of integration solutions for Salesforce, MailChimp, Nintex, and other major platforms. Here’s how our hybrid integration platform’s key capabilities can help you.

Strategize Faster

Linking mission-critical core processes, whatever environment they’re in, is crucial for all stakeholders. Make business decisions in shorter times by having correct data through our platform’s application and data integration capability that standardizes data across applications.

Adapt More Quickly

Being able to create and manage APIs across environments so you can implement, adopt, and scale innovations, features, and business processes makes agile integration strategy possible. Synatic’s platform offers just that so you can be responsive and shorten time-to-market during integration.

Synatic’s low-code / no-code feature enables teams to use the software immediately. We’ve eliminated spaghetti, hand-coded, and file-based integrations that take time and are not scalable. Instead, we’ve built workflows so you can integrate more readily.

Optimize & Integrate with Synatic

Synatic’s hybrid integration platform solutions deliver a range of features to suit every business need. So whether you choose Basic or Enterprise Plus, modernize and maximize operations without the integration hiccups that cost you time, money, and opportunities.
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