Get the Right Data to Your
Business Process Automation Solution

Taking the Complexity Out of Your
Business Process Automation Data Needs

No solution, app, or piece of hardware can exist on its own — which is why effective integration of technology is so vital. And when it comes to Business Process Automation (BPA) tools like Nintex and K2, getting the right data is more important than ever.

Synatic is redefining the way you manage, automate and optimize your data acquisition and integration. Our ultra-modern data automation and integration engine, enables your business to digitally transform your workflow processes with industry leading time to value.

Do any of these questions sound familiar:

We struggle to get the right data from data sources to ensure Nintex / K2 receives accurate collated data?
Implementing BPA takes time and money. How do we avoid increasing the cost and time spend of our current integration solutions?
How can we prevent end customers from manually recapturing inordinate amounts of data?
I’m using legacy systems that are making my integration solution a difficult choice?
My data is trapped in silos, how can I simply bring it together to run BPA processes on connected data sets?
Our data is stored on-prem and is complex to access, how do we simplify the process?

If these sound familiar to you, and your frustrations fit into any of these
categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.

A dynamic solution to revolutionize your BPA

Synatic revolutionizes your data strategies.

Synatic revolutionizes your data strategies. Our platform brings together ETL, Integration, API Management, and data laking into one solution. You can develop a data automation strategy to reduce the number of integration interfaces in use, and to indentify a single true source of data. It has never been easier than with Synatic.

Synatic has a proven track record.

Whether you need to modernize your legacy systems, need an engine for digital transformation to drive significant improvements for internal processes, to integrate your CRM, build out your data warehouse / lake, or add in APIs to connect your customers' data, we have done it all with a proven track record.

Automating your onboarding proces is critical for a successful client experience. Increasingly customers will return to your services if your services are easier to consume. Synatic provides you with the ability to distribute data from your Nintex / K2 onboarding processes into the right systems.

If you need to automate your business processes to eliminate human error or to remove cumbersome manual processes, Synatic's powerful toolset, in conjunction with Nintex / K2, gives you a suite of fully featured enterprise functionality eneabling automation and workflows for data management. Progress now.

Here is how Synatic's unique features can
meet any of your Nintex / K2 specific requirements.


Make complex integrations to Nintex / K2 simple


Access to numerous out the box connectors to other enterprise systems used within workflows and forms


Enable access to on-prem data without SSL certificates and HTTPS port openings


Provide a single point of connectivity into and out of Nintex / K2


Collate data sets prior to Nintex / K2 getting the data


Manage access, performance, and integration operations in one place

Get the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

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