Adding a Human Element to Software Implementation

A shift to a Software with a Service (SwaS) offering delivers skills, know-how and the vital human element to software implementation, as part of a specialized integration service.

With digital transformation in full swing, one of the biggest challenges facing most enterprises today is the demand for secure and reliable cloud integration solutions. Digital transformation has been the main driver behind the need for integration solution packages.

The SaaS business model has grown so rapidly that SaaS applications seem to form a part of almost every business's IT ecosystem. A recent report from BetterCloud found that 73% of corporations said nearly all of their apps would be SaaS in 2020. But SaaS has its limits. At the end of the day, it’s the combination of the driver and the car, that wins the race. In other words, SaaS is a tool, but can only go so far without a human to direct it. This is where Software with a Service plays a key role.

SwaS is a specialized integration service that is incorporated as part of an integration solution package. This model is not just a set and forget application. With SwaS, support and consultancy is also included, giving your business access to hands on experts, that can efficiently and conveniently implement data integration solutions. By providing human support together with an integration platform, businesses can avoid the following costly integration project mistakes.

Poor Project Management:

The responsibility of the successful implementation of a project normally falls squarely on the shoulders of your business’s project manager. However, with multiple teams and multiple project managers, it can become difficult to make one person accountable. Improper delegation of responsibilities to both the team members and the managers can result in many unproductive team meetings and countless wasted hours. This results in a substantial drop in productivity and an increase in project overhead costs.

With a SwaS solution, customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, over and above the customer support team. The account manager is the go-to person who is responsible for helping customers obtain the most value out of their data. They listen to the customer’s requirements and then develop solutions in line with their specific needs. Account managers work hand in hand with the technical teams to plan timelines to reach specified project milestones. This ensures that your project remains within budget.

Time to Value

The process of planning, coding, and rolling out an integration solution can be extremely intricate and time consuming. Businesses can no longer afford to spend months investing in countless meetings that consume valuable time and result in an inevitable IT backlog.

With a SwaS provider businesses can get internal integrations up and running faster and realize their integration and automation goals sooner. SwaS providers achieve this by allowing businesses to take advantage of their integration specialists, leverage pre-built mapping and connectors and utilize integration solutions already successfully delivered by the partner.

Speeding up Time To Value is a collaborative effort between the provider and the customer. Before customers begin using the platform, SwaS providers supply in-depth and interactive onboarding. This helps businesses rapidly gain momentum and get the most out of their data automation solution.

Developing a "Point in Time” Solution:

Many integration solutions are designed with the intention to resolve an integration challenge at a single point in time. Any IT developer can tell you that most integration projects take several months to complete, and in that time the application landscape and business requirements for an integration solution can drastically transform and evolve. This is especially true for projects where one of the applications to be integrated is under construction itself. This means developers will often have to go back several steps to rearchitect and reorchestrate integrations in order to take steps forward. This results in more resources having to be allocated to your project. By using a SwaS provider, specialists are able to build dynamic solutions that not only meet the needs of businesses today, but also provide support that will assist IT Teams to configure their solutions for the future.

Final Thoughts

SwaS product offers the benefits of a holistic integration tool with top tier support to ensure the success of various integration projects. Synatic understands the need for businesses to iterate quickly, unlocking and optimizing data across multiple services and systems. Synatic’s SwaS model focuses on empowering businesses with a nimble, simple and powerful data integration platform while delivering support and technical expertise.

Andile Khumalo
June 28, 2022
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