Enhance Commission Payment Accuracy with CommRecon

Gain Confidence in your Commission Reconciliation Process
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Gain Confidence in your Commission Reconciliation Process

As an agency, you're constantly grappling with reconciling vast amounts of data in your AMS and from multiple carriers, increasing the risk of errors and discrepancies. Manual processes drain resources and time, leaving your finance team overwhelmed and prone to oversight.
Synatic's CommRecon Solution automatically cross-references transaction and policy data, swiftly identifies discrepancies, reconciles direct bill commission payments received from carriers and commission payments made to your producers, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

If these challenges resonate with your current reconciliation processes, let us help.
I'm forced to close the month late because of ongoing reconciliation of producer and agency commissions.
I don’t know if I’m paying my producers the right amount of commission.
I don’t know if my agency is receiving the right amount of direct ill commissions.
True-ups can take me months to complete
I wish I could reconcile commission by exception, instead of reviewing my whole book of business every month.
Reconciliation Made Easy

Seamlessly Verify Bank Statements and Carrier Policy Data

CommRecon automates the verification of data from multiple sources, including agency bank statements, carrier policy information, with your AMS data.

Seamlessly Integrate Bank Statements and Carrier Policy Data

  • Ensure precise reconciliation, minimizing financial. discrepancies and errors.
  • Real-time visibility into commission payments
  • Frees up staff for strategic tasks with automated processes.

Automatically Cross-References Data from Carriers with Agency Transactions in Your AMS

Any commission discrepancies are quickly flagged, and reports are generated, streamlining the commission reconciliation process and minimizing the risk of financial inaccuracies.

Automatically cross-references data from carriers with agency transactions in your AMS

  • Simplify auditing tasks for finance teams.
  • Receive alerts for immediate action on discrepancies.
  • Provides accurate insights for informed business decisions.

Customizable and Flexible Auditing

Whether it's monthly, quarterly, or on-demand, agencies have the flexibility to adapt the auditing process to suit their specific requirements.

Customizable and Flexible Auditing

  • Streamline operations with timely reconciliation.
  • Predictable auditing schedule with reliable data.
  • Ensure optimal efficiency and accuracy.
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