Powerful data integration made simple.

Synatic is a fully featured integration and data processing platform, built for the connected cloud era.


Rapid time to business value with reduced implementation times and an iterative approach.


Solve complex data challenges with predefined solutions and a simple no code environment without expensive resources.


No compromise on enterprise -grade features, reliability and scalability.

Deliver value fast

Delivering high impact features and workflows quickly is what Synatic is made for. Take a look at how quickly a common file processing task can be implemented with Synatic.

What's more, you get production grade features out of the box -logging, monitoring, automated triggers and easy configuration.

The Incremental Organization

Positive incremental change is the compound interest of innovation.

Synatic empowers iterative development and short time to value, providing Enterprises with the ability to move fast and get the most out of their data.

One Unified Platform

  • Turnkey Integration

    One solution for event or batch driven ETL, integration, automation and in process data manipulation all configured through a simple user interface.

  • API Builder

    SOAP, oData, REST or GraphQL, rapidly create secure, scalable and manageable micro services using a simple interface.

  • Operations Management

    The key to data automation is keeping people in the loop with access to pertinent information provided by our Operations Portal.

  • Multi Mode Deployment

    Our cloud, your cloud, on premise or a combination of environments, Synatic can be deployed to meet the needs of the Enterprise.

Ready to go integrations

Synatic has a growing range of prebuilt connectors and integration solutions ready to go.

SQL Server
Dynamics NAV

What our customers are saying

The Council

"Synatic excelled in performing comprehensive integration with great efficiency and unrivalled speed, proving Synatic is Simple, Nimble, Powerful."

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Merchant Capital

“We have had to undergo regulatory compliance due diligence - they had a look at SalesForce and Synatic and they both passed with flying colours.” - David Reynders CTO

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Easy Equities

"As a fluid business, we are forever changing and improving. New ideas are constantly being born and Synatic is always there to deliver.” - Tristan Finnemore, VP Digital Assets

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