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reduction in data duplicates,
errors, and omissions.

Eliminating Your Data Challenges

Whether you need better visibility of your data across disparate business applications, transfer data between siloed systems, deduplicate and remove errors within your data, or automate your data process to work for you, Synatic is built to answer all of your most intricate integration requirements.

AutoDB Commission

Simplify commission management with AutoDB Commission. Automate calculations and statement access, and integrate with your AMS or financial system.

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CRMSynch moves data bi-directionally between your AMS and CRM, removing the need to bounce between systems and providing effortless access to client information for better customer support.

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CommRecon automatically cross-references transaction and policy data, swiftly identifies discrepancies, and reconciles direct bill commission payments received from carriers and commission payments made to producers.

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Data Warehouse

Synatic’s data warehouse centralizes your data, enriches it for automation, and generates custom reports to improve business metrics and trends.

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Insurance focus

Automate Your Data. Reduce Effort. Delight Customers.

Synatic has all the solutions you need to eliminate your data related challenges for your agencies, carriers, MGAs, and insurtechs, in today’s evolving insurance marketplace.
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Agents / Brokers

Give agents and service teams a comprehensive outlook of policyholders’ finances, relationships, interactions, and needs.


Reducing complex integrations, high costs, and building processes within weeks instead of months.


Facilitating relationships between the MGA and carrier partners for streamlined data relays between multiple orgs for better customer journey.


Quickly build and integrate into any insurtechs, ams, or other business technologies needed to keep your organization running smoothly.

Trusted by Global Brands


Automate Your Data Sources and Insurtechs


Ready To Go Integrations

Synatic has a growing range of prebuilt connectors and integrations ready to go for your business needs.

Ready To Go Integrations

Synatic has a growing range of prebuilt connectors and integrations ready to go for your business needs.
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An all-in-one email marketing platform.

Build strong online communities with advanced marketing tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
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Don't Take Our Word For It

"Whether we needed ETL, Integration, API Management, or Warehousing capabilities, Synatic was able to do it all."

Anton Du Toit
Head of Customer Success & Co-Founder

“Whether it was a question that we had about a particular aspect of the Vend integration or challenges that we were not able to overcome independently, the Synatic team was always available to assist whenever we needed them to.”

Tony Le
Web Developer Lead at High Group

"Working with Synatic was a pleasure, and their ability to work alongside the Cloud Orca team and rapidly create a solution that met our client's needs was second to none."

Tony Di Carlo
Chief Operating Officer

"The Synatic team are exceptionally knowledgeable about all things integration and automation and always deliver when called upon.”

Caleb Sidel
Co-Founder & Chief Technical Architect

"As a fluid business, we are forever changing and improving. New ideas are constantly being born and Synatic is always there to deliver.”

Tristan Finnemore
VP Digital Assets

"The great thing about Synatic is that if you have a data challenge, you can invariably solve it using their Hybrid Integration Platform."

Kaz Yasui
IT Executive

“As a result of the services we provide to the bank, we had to undergo regulatory due diligence - they had a look at SalesForce and Synatic and they both passed with flying colours.”

David Reynders
CTO Merchant Capital

"Working with Synatic was a great experience. Once we consulted with them to define the requirements of the solution, there weren’t any roadblocks and the speed to market was impressive."

Clark Huang
Head of Consumer Lending

"Synatic excelled in performing comprehensive integration with great efficiency and unrivalled speed"

Catherine Richardson
CTO at The Council of Insurance Brokers

"Whenever Synatic ran into challenges they never approached us with problems, but rather solutions as to how these challenges can be overcome."

Gerrit Olivier
Founder and CEO

“The interactions with Synatic have been fantastic.”

M. Van Rooyen
Co-Founder & Chief Technical Architect

"Synatic performed extraordinarily partnering with both Wunderman Thompson and Silversoft, making the entire process feel seamless. "

Mark Allwright

“Synatic is capable of doing so much. We are eager to learn more about what the platform can do and how we can take advantage of its speed, reliability, and efficiency to improve more of our internal processes.”

Irina Giller
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

"The Synatic Team was able to determine exactly what we needed and how their solution would fulfill those needs."

Cody Dickinson
IT Director

"With Synatic's DIH, orchestrating all of our data, we see significantly fewer complaints from agents about the information in quotes being wrong, or incorrectly calculated."

Dhakshina Moorthy
Executive Leader

"We needed a solution provider that would assist us in meeting our integration requirements as our CRM and AMS integration project experienced a number of setbacks caused by the initial solution provider. Synatic performed what seemed to be a miracle by taking over the project and making sure the project was completed within the expected completion date and budget."

Direct of Communications & Strategic Initiatives
Independent Insurance Brokerage