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Right data,
right person, right time.

Unleash the potential of your business by
increasing the speed of innovation.

Empowering Your Business
to Make the Most of Your Data

Businesses need the ability to work with their data as they see fit, in multiple ways. The complex modern data requirements can no longer afford to have solutions focusing on a specific area of moving data, but rather a hybrid approach to data.

Synatic allows you to pull your data together, push it out to the right system, or operationalize your data for other systems to use.

Solving Your Data Challenges
with a Single Integration Platform

Whether you need ETL, Integration, API Management or Warehousing,
Synatic can answer your most intricate data requirements. Automate your data
to work for you, in the way you need - with a single platform.

No-Code, low-code,
your code
Infinite flexibility that
deals with all of your
flex and friction
Super-caching buffers -
persist or purge your
in-memory data stores
The center of your

Automating your data is one click away...

A Nimble, Simple, and Powerful Data Solution

Whether you need to modernize your data universe or adopt a new SaaS application, our platform adapts to your needs,
big or small with the same capabilities, no matter the requirements.


Rapid time to business value with
reduced implementation times and
an iterative approach.


Solve complex data challenges with
predefined solutions and a simple
no code environment without
expensive resources.


No compromise on enterprise
-grade features, reliability and

wasted on failed digital transformation
of digital transformation projects fail

We're in love with your solution, not our tech. Our tech is powerful, but this is
meaningless unless it answers your needs. Your requirements and your desired
flexibility is what our solution answers. Your successful transformation and the
modernization of your business is our goal.

Our Solutions

Whilst Synatic is a fit for you if you need to automate any data, here are some of the areas we focus on that you may be interested in:


Bring Customer-Centricity
to Insurance
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Wealth Management

Consolidate your
Trading Platforms
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Empower your Salesforce Implementation
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Ready To Go Integrations

Synatic has a growing range of prebuilt connectors and integration solutions ready to go for your business needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying


"Whether it was a question that we had about a particular aspect of the Vend integration or challenges that we were not able to overcome independently, the Synatic team was always available to assist whenever we needed them to."

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JAAM Automation

Whether we needed ETL, Integration, API Management, or Warehousing capabilities, Synatic was able to do it all.

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Cloud Orca

Working with Synatic was a pleasure, and their ability to work alongside the Cloud Orca team and rapidly create a solution that met our client's needs was second to none.

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