Closing the Gap Between Account Management and Producers Using DataFix

In the complex ecosystem of insurance agencies, the synergy between Account Managers (AMs) and Producers stands as a cornerstone for success. However, the inherent challenges in data management often create a significant gap between these crucial teams, hindering seamless collaboration and efficiency.

Identifying Data Discrepancies

One of the primary challenges faced by insurance agencies is the identification of data discrepancies. Many AM jobs are heavily administrative, which can involve manually capturing information collected by producers into the agency’s AMS as opportunities and policies. These jobs often entail copying and pasting data between systems, such as an AMS, CRM or Insurtech system and desktop applications like Excel. It requires workers to log in and out of multiple systems. Often referred to as “swivel chair integration,” this process entails employees reading data from one computer screen and keying it into another.  

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With copious amounts of data flowing in, it becomes arduous for AMs to pinpoint errors and communicate them effectively to the producers. Often, simple errors such as incorrect insertion of contact details or missing information can lead to significant complications down the line.

The interaction between producers and AM teams underscores another layer of operational friction. Producers, tasked with client engagement, relay policy details to AM personnel for data entry. However, the potential for errors in data input complicates this process. The subsequent back-and-forth between teams to rectify inaccuracies further exacerbates operational inefficiencies, particularly in remote work scenarios.

Impact of Incorrect Data on Revenue Reporting

Beyond the surface-level errors lies a deeper concern: the impact of inaccuracies on revenue reporting. For instance, inserting the wrong line of business for a customer can skew revenue reports, leading to misinformation and potentially costly repercussions. This scenario highlights the interconnectedness of data accuracy and financial insights within insurance agencies.

When an AM enters information incorrectly, producers are tasked with rectifying it within the AMS. These laborious manual procedures can significantly diminish an agent's overall work satisfaction, contributing to high turnover rates among producers and AM staff.

Typically, rectifying errors entails a series of back-and-forth exchanges via email between producers and AMs. This is because producers are often engaged in fieldwork, while As operate remotely, resulting in a lack of direct interaction between the two roles.

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The Synatic Solution

In navigating the complexities of data management the Synatic Data Integration Hub offers a comprehensive solution to address these issues. Synatic's DataFix solution simplifies the task of cleaning up erroneous data, allowing agencies to swiftly identify and rectify discrepancies. Whether it's correcting contact details or ensuring the accuracy of line-of-business information, automation streamlines the process, reducing manual intervention and minimizing errors.

Several benefits of leveraging Synatic's DataFix solution includes:
  • DataFix drastically reduces the time agencies spend cleaning up data manually, condensing weeks of work into just a few days.
  • Clean and accurate data streamlines the tasks of AMs and producers, allowing them to focus on serving customers efficiently.
  • With DataFix, businesses benefit from precise reporting and can make decisions based on accurate data, enabling swift and informed action to maximize agency profitability.
  • Clean, dependable data enhances business agility and responsiveness, minimizing wasted efforts by As and producers.
  • DataFix helps mitigate potential revenue losses associated with handling Errors & Omissions (E&O) lawsuits.

Synatic's DataFix solution not only streamlines data management processes but also addresses the fundamental issue of communication gaps between Ams and producers. By ensuring data accuracy and facilitating seamless collaboration, DataFix bridges the divide between these essential teams, enhancing operational efficiency and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Contact Synatic today to learn how DataFix can help your agency's AM and producers be more productive and efficient.

Wesley Borain
May 8, 2024
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