Four Reasons Why Thinking Beyond iPaaS Can Fast Track Digital Transformation

Using Integration Platforms to Automate and Integrate  

What do you think is the single biggest limitation to innovation and digital transformation? It is legacy systems that drain resources and limit growth. But this does not need to be the dialogue that defines these systems moving forward. It does not have to limit growth or cost more than it should, not when Hybrid Integration Platforms offer immense scalability and potential to modernize legacy applications. Hybrid Integration Platforms are the next step in evolution from iPaaS, offering complex data processing with simplified usage.

The value of platforms that offer beyond iPaaS capabilities is that they allow your business to dynamically evolve and adapt to industry changes and customer demands. Here are four reasons why moving beyond iPaaS is the way to go for organizations that want to modernize, adapt and transform.  

01: Seamlessly blend in to your environment

You want your code to seamlessly blend into your environment, not tangle your systems up in complexity. Custom coded integration, also known as point-to-point integration, can often limit change and usually leads to complex spaghetti code that is challenging to untangle and unpack. It also imposes unexpected limitations on delivery and development as one change in one area can have a significant knock-on impact further down the line.

However, with Hybrid Integration Platforms, you can operationalize your data for other systems to use – something that makes a lot of sense in the current climate – while moving rapidly towards digital transformation. You can ensure that your mission critical applications are seamlessly managed and integrated so they can deliver next generation services, while adopting a fast and cost-effective path to application modernization.  

02: Save on money, not opportunity

Businesses are moving away from investing in homegrown infrastructure such as on-premises data centers. Instead, they are transitioning towards using cloud-based platforms, which provide cost reduction and efficiency benefits. This removes the costly expense in favor of a more manageable and scalable operating expense. Hybrid Integration Platforms allow businesses to automate and modernize on demand, without holding your IT budget to ransom.

Leveraging a Hybrid Integration Platform to solve your integration, automation, and system modernization needs is not only an affordable choice, it’s an intelligent one. There is so much variety when it comes to using a platform that goes beyond iPaaS functionality. These hybrid solutions offer an array of capabilities that open the door to countless opportunities.

03: Move faster and more effectively with a trusted partner

Beyond iPaaS solution providers deliver a rapid and iterative answer to your business's automation needs. Hybrid Integration Platforms are simpler, faster, more powerful and can be customized to meet your specific goals, ensuring that you get the most from your data.

If you are faced with any integration issues, these solution providers can help you navigate your way around them with ease. The highly experienced team are able deconstruct your long-term automation goals, then implement a plan that allows your business to start small and iterate quickly to deliver a reliable end solution.

You want speed to market with a trusted solution that works? You need a solution that will allow you to innovate iteratively and rapidly, turning micro innovation into macro innovation.

04: It’s an inclusive integration experience  

Most iPaaS platforms offer either ETL or integration capabilities, however, Hybrid Integration Platforms go a step beyond iPaaS by giving you the ability to manage all data access, movement and storage issues. This includes ETL, integration, API management, edge services and data lake architectures. Hybrid solutions provide a platform that can handle these requirements, whether it is in our cloud, your cloud, on-premise or a combination of environments.

Hybrid Integration Platforms are able to simplify multiple data management functions reducing the need for businesses to invest in highly skilled developers and tech support teams. By using Hybrid solutions, Businesses are able to encourage their IT teams to build their own solutions and expand their skill sets and capabilities. This takes a lot of pressure off the business while simultaneously reducing costs, time to market and time to delivery.

Beyond iPaaS solutions are the best choice for companies looking to simplify and streamline their data automation needs. By investing in a Hybrid Integration Platform, you can rapidly automate your data and create a unified system that allows your business to transform communication. This ensures that you are able to get the right data, to the right person, at the right time, and take advantage of critical insights and opportunities.  

Synatic is a trusted Hybrid Integration Platform that is ready to adapt to your business's needs, big or small. Synatic’s powerful platform provides you with enterprise features and resources you need to drive digital transformation forward into an agile, cost-effective, and highly scalable future.  

Andile Khumalo
June 28, 2022
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