Scale Up vs Scale Out

The Agile Ability to Scale Makes All the Difference  

When a system reaches capacity limits, the question you are faced with is, how do you maintain performance while sticking to a strict budget? The ability to use the cloud to rapidly scale on demand and handle unexpected rapid growth or periodic shifts in demand, has become a major driver in increase usage of cloud services. But it can also become a liability if not managed properly. Scale is the key to unlocking an organization’s agility, and to ensuring that it has the ability to pivot and adapt on demand. In most cases this is handled by scaling up or scaling out.

What is Scale Up?  

Scaling up is done by adding more resources to an existing system to reach a desired state of performance. For example, more CPU, RAM, storage, or servers can be added to your system to keep the performance at desired levels. Scaling up can also be done in software by adding more threads, more connections, or in cases of database applications, increasing cache sizes. Scaling up gives you the ability to improve existing hardware performance while extending its lifecycle, although it carries with it significant CAPEX. Naturally this is a relatively inflexible in that once the CAPEX is spent, its spent.

What is Scale Out?

Scaling out refers to the ability to dynamically move with the requirements of your business to meet the flex and friction associated with data processing. With Synatic the scaling out process is managed in the back-end of the Synatic Hybrid Integration Platform using distributed calculation units known as Workers. Synatic’s container-based capabilities allow you to scale out at speed by spinning up workers within a container when greater processing power is needed and reducing the number of Workers once the job is done.  

Being able to dynamically scale means your business will be able to handle jobs of any size, allowing you to translate the complexities of resource intensive processing into simple availability as required. This means you can accept any volume of work because you have the resources you need to make it happen, without impacting on customer experiences or service delivery.

The Value of Scale Out

Synatic places a lot of emphasis on the importance and benefits of scaling out. The value of this flexibility and granular control cannot be underestimated. Businesses operate in a competitive environment that places a huge emphasis on the bottom line. For your business to thrive in such an environment it needs to be flexible and agile.  Scaling out allows you to take advantage of market leading technology without even considering CAPEX – it’s the latest in performance and system capability without weighty technology price tags.

Scaling out allows you to go as far as you need to cater for your business needs, and to ensure that your finite resources are allocated correctly. If, for example, your processing in the morning was only for a limited number of transactions but suddenly there’s a surge in user volumes in the afternoon, you need to have the right systems in place to ensure that you can manage the situation effectively. Snowballing demand is always going to be a challenge for the business. But it does not have to be an expensive one, or one that loses you customers.  

The Synatic Scale

The Synatic platform is designed to spin up Workers to run flows and test different configurations at speed so that you can deploy into a production or quality assurance (QA) environment at the click of a button. We have multiple components to ensure that any shifts in demand are met with the right levels of service and support. If your traffic surges, we have  SQS for message queueing and S3 for incoming data storage. This allows you to scale out seamlessly on an ad hoc basis, because we know that your bottom line is as important as your need to meet customer demand.  

We understand that as a business, you want to provide your customers all over the world with the same user experience. This is where we deliver value. Synatic offers infinite flexibility that deals with all of your flex and friction, handing you the scale and control you need to consistently deliver a flawless customer experience.  

Synatic is designed to handle complex use cases and high-end demands and can be optimized to fit different environments and use cases. Our implementation team and development processes are structured to provide new features rapidly, so if you need something that we don’t have, we can build it for you. Our goal is to deliver a scalable platform that fits within all types of environments and meets any type of need, and to do all this fast.  

If you’d like to fully realize the value of scale within your business, scale on demand, and ensure easy and efficient access to services, look no further than Synatic.

Andile Khumalo
June 28, 2022
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