Synatic and JigX Partner to Help Customers Expedite the Application Building Process

Synatic, a Data Integration Hub (DIH), and JigX, Inc a digital consulting and software development company that specializes in rapid mobile application development, have officially announced their partnership. The union will enable clients to better manage and manipulate data in order to rapidly build stunning mobile apps. This strategic partnership brings together Synatic’s Nimble, Simple, and Powerful DIH with JigX, Inc’s skills and understanding to help customers expedite the application building process.

Building an application can be a lengthy and challenging process for many businesses, especially if the development process requires the utilization of a massive amount of data that is trapped within multiple siloed and disparate business systems. Today’s businesses require world-class mobile applications that their customers will love. Without coherent and accurate data, applications will not be able to fulfil the tasks that they were designed to perform. This partnership will help JigX, Inc meet the complex data requirements involved in building industry leading applications. “Combining the power of Synatic with Jigx, Inc gives organizations an incredible edge by seamlessly connecting their systems, unlocking the power of their data, and exposing this information in a beautiful mobile application that their users will love.” Adriaan Van Wyk, Chief Executive Officer at JigX, Inc.

Synatic and JigX, Inc are passionate about making it easy for people to build stunning mobile applications. By integrating valuable data with a beautiful UI, great software design, and performance, we can build mobile applications users will love. Our mission is to enable businesses to build highly usable mobile applications that can extend across any organization quickly and at a reasonable cost.

The speed and ease with which companies can build and deploy native mobile applications for their customers, employees, and vendors is a critical success factor in today’s competitive world. With Synatic and JigX, Inc application building becomes an effortless process.

“Our shared goal is to help businesses unlock the potential of their data and innovate faster. With our partnership, Synatic and JigX, Inc will be able to build native iOS and Android apps” said Jamie Peers, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Synatic. “This is a game changing partnership, and we look forward to working closely with JigX, Inc” concluded Peers.

With the powerful partnership of Synatic and JigX, Inc gone are the days where large sums of money are spent building applications. With us, you dramatically decrease implementation time, save money, and your business will be able to build blazingly fast mobile applications.

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September 15, 2022
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