Synatic available on 3dcart Apps

Martin Naude

Synatic integration is now available through the 3dcart App Store!

3dcart is an award-winning shopping cart software designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. With 3dcart's powerful ecommerce platform, users can easily build their online stores and achieve success thanks to its wide set of features as well as partnerships with over 200 leading business service providers, ranging from shipping carriers, tax calculators, payment solutions, and more. 3dcart can be added to your existing website, or you can build from the ground up using their platform.

Now Synatic has joined the list of apps you can use with 3dcart. With Synatic, you can synchronise your inventory, integrate 3dcart with your accounting and reporting system or move 3dcart data into a data warehouse or BI tool. You can also use Synatic to process 3dcart data, and hook into events, creating an integrated and great customer experience.

You can read more about 3dcart at their website, and add Synatic through the 3dcart App Store.

If you need any help getting started with 3dcart and Synatic, feel free to get in touch

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