Synatic Statement on the Recent Hacks of Solarwinds and FireEye

Martin Naude

The concern around Synatic, or any SaaS product provider, being affected by the SolarWinds and Fireye hack is understandable. We'd like to ensure our customers that Synatic (and our legacy product FilePounder) is not affected in any way.

For our cloud based service, we do use a Solarwinds product named Loggly for system event logging. Loggly has ensured us that this product is not affected (

In addition to this, we've ensured that no customer information is ever recorded in our system logs. The on-premise installations of Synatic (and FilePounder) do not use Loggly or any external log management tool and are unaffected.

Synatic is committed to ensuring secure data integration and automation for our customers and continue to optimize our security monitoring and keep abreast of any security issues.

Synatic is a modern Enterprise Integration and Automation platform committed to making your business more nimble and simplifying your data.

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