The Secret of Our Growth: Successful Integration Partnerships

The best part of business success is being able to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. Creating meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships can be daunting. But discovering integration solution vendors that your businesses can collaborate with can be truly rewarding.  

There is no better approach to solving challenges than applying the famous saying "two heads are better than one." Harnessing the strengths and abilities of integration and automation providers from different corners of the information technology industry is one of the most strategic ways for both partners to scale out their innovation and solve complex challenges.

Simplifying Integration through Partnerships

Synatic often encounters other solution providers that appreciate the value of data integration, but lack the resources needed to ensure their data implementations run as smoothly as possible and go live in the shortest amount of time possible. And because integration projects consist of so many moving parts, this can mean that implementing a new implementation can quickly become a complicated task. Synatic’s unique approach to building partnerships with other solution providers involves adding a human element to the integration process. This strategy allows us to listen to our partner's requirements and then work hand-in-hand with them to develop solutions to solve their challenges, ensuring they get the right data, to the right person, at the right time.  

In today's constantly evolving environment, a "do-it-alone" approach is more often than not a limiting strategy for growth. When collaborating and forming strategic partnerships to improve business outcomes, it is vital that both partners adhere to the fundamental components of effective partnerships:

  • Work Towards a Common Goal
    Establishing a common purpose sets the foundation and acts as the glue to hold the partnership together. Partnerships built on a common goal of helping other businesses grow their operations and harness data as part of their business strategy often lead to successful integration projects.  
  • Lean Into Each Other's Strengths
    Strategic partnerships enable teams to bring the best of breed talent and strengths forward. Every person and every business has unique strengths, and leveraging those strengths will allow both partners to shine. Doing so can generate functional and creative solutions.

Building a Foundation with Our Integration Partners

Synatic forges relationships by building a solid foundation based on understanding how our partners' solutions benefit their customers and how Synatic can provide value to their offering with our Nimble, Simple and Powerful Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP). This allows us to break down the gaps in the current environment.  

When we begin collaborating with a partner, they undergo an extensive onboarding process to enable them to understand the Synatic platform and how our solution can benefit their business. We understand that having a hands-on approach towards partnerships means that partners never have to struggle using the Synatic platform because they simply don’t know where to begin. . We’ve coined this term FOGS (Fear of Getting Started), and it is experienced by customers and partners alike. In order to eliminate this fear, we have developed a comprehensive partnership onboarding process to equip our partners with the knowledge needed to ensure successful solution implementation.

Communicating and Sharing our Skills and Knowledge

Having a clear understanding of the technology being used and leveraging internal communication and collaboration channels when working on solutions with a partner is key to the success of a data integration and automation project. Partner onboarding is an essential step to ensure partners extract the maximum value from the partnership.

Synatic Partner Onboarding Process

  1. Demo and Technical Sessions: The first step is to set up a demo and technical session with our partners to dive deep into the Synatic platform, highlighting features, connectors, and a full breakdown of capabilities.  
  1. Internal Project: Secondly, partners present us with a real-world challenge so we can set up a Proof of Concept (POC) or POV (Proof of Value). This Internal Project is an incredibly crucial step in our onboarding process. It showcases the value Synatic brings to partners so that they can more effectively use HIP to do the same for their customers.
  1. In-Depth Training: We don’t want to just leave our partners to figure things out themselves. During this internal project, we’ll run a training session where our new partners are allowed to experiment and explore the platform. Partners get the opportunity to ask questions and make mistakes and we are right there to assist and support them if necessary. We also provide sales and marketing enablement training for our partners so that they are geared for success when presenting to prospecting customers.
  1. Co-selling –  Synatic can sell with partners on deals when needed. Our team will provide the expertise and advice as required but our partners can own the sales cycle. Partners can even hand the implementation over to the Synatic Team entirely if necessary.

Partnering for Integration Success

Strategic Growth is a certified gold Salesforce consulting partner, that, before partnering with Synatic, had worked with four integration providers on various levels. None of the potential partners were able to meet Strategic Growth’s requirements and failed to hit the mark on multiple fronts. Caleb Sidel, co-founder and Chief Technical Architect (CTA) at Strategic Growth said, “Partnering with Synatic provided a rare opportunity to work with an integration provider with both services and a powerful solution. In addition, the Synatic team was on hand to assist our integration team to gently ramp up their understanding of the platform.”

Synatic allows partners to increase the speed with which they implement solutions, reduce cost to customers, and make their customers happier. This entrenches the partner with the end customer. If our partners need help, we are always willing to share our knowledge on all things integration and guide them through the implementation process so that deriving value from our solution is as rapid and simple as possible. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Synatic.

Jamie Peers
July 20, 2021
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