Unlocking The Potential of Mobile Apps for Insurance Agencies

Ensuring that Field Producers Have Access to Customer and Policy Data at Their Fingertips

In a time when mobility is the norm and the digital revolution is still unfolding, insurance agents are becoming more mobile and venturing out from the confines of the conventional workplace. With applications designed using Jigx and Synatic, insurance agents can navigate their roles with unparalleled agility, meeting clients wherever they may be. However, the true power of these mobile applications doesn’t just lie in their accessibility but in their ability to tap into a wealth of comprehensive and dependable data in real-time. By leveraging the capabilities of a Data Integration Hub (DIH), insurance agents can overcome the limitations of traditional workflows and empower their mobile applications with data-driven insights. This not only enhances their capacity to serve clients effectively but also enables them to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

Remote Data Accessibility

The first, and perhaps most fundamental challenge, in developing mobile applications for agents is ensuring remote accessibility to vital information. Remote accessibility, however, transcends the simple presence of an internet connection. It's about establishing a robust and secure infrastructure that enables these agents to retrieve real-time information effortlessly from diverse sources. Whether it's getting address and contact details for both customers and prospects, accessing client data for a sales pitch, or reviewing policy details during a client meeting, the capability to access crucial information on the go has become intrinsic to modern work practices. Mobile applications play a pivotal role in bridging this accessibility gap, empowering agents to boost their productivity and make well-informed decisions in real-time, irrespective of their location.

The Complexity of Application Development

Building the components of these mobile applications presents another significant challenge. Designing the look and functionality of an application from scratch can be a time-consuming process, often taking months to complete. Developing user interfaces, widgets, screens, and graphs that provide valuable information to agents requires careful planning and execution.

Moreover, modern applications rely on data from a multitude of sources, often with varying structures and formats. For instance, when developing an application that requires customer data, it may need to pull information from different systems like a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and Agency Management System (AMS), each with its own data format and retrieval processes. The challenge here is twofold. First, developers need to establish efficient data integration processes that can harmonize and consolidate data from these diverse sources. Second, they must ensure that this data is accurate, up-to-date, and readily available for application use. This complexity can lead to data inconsistency, integration bottlenecks, and increased development time and cost.

Streamlining Data Management with Jigx and Synatic

Jigx stands as a powerful platform. It excels in crafting intuitive and functional mobile user interfaces, making this intricate process remarkably straightforward. Synatic takes this a step further by efficiently managing the flow of data and ensuring it seamlessly reaches its intended destination, amplifying the capabilities of the mobile apps.

The Synatic Data Integration Hub, excels at ensuring that the right person can access the right data at the right time by setting up data flows that fetch information from various sources through API calls. At the core of this capability is the built-in data lake within the system, which serves as repository for data, eliminating the need for frequent manual data refreshes. This means that whenever information is updated within the core systems, there's no cumbersome process of repeatedly fetching data from external sources.  Essentially, Synatic holds this data in readiness through its data lake, ensuring that agents can swiftly implement changes, such as policy updates or renewals, seamlessly and in real-time during their interactions with customers. By minimizing the latency associated with data retrieval, Synatic enhances the performance and usability of the application, enabling agents to provide more efficient and responsive service to customers.

By combining Synatic's integration power and Jigx's mobile application development features, agencies can create a cohesive and comprehensive data ecosystem for their mobile applications and unlock a host of different features that agents can take advantage of, such as:

Identifying Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities

With integrated agency apps, it becomes simpler to detect significant life events such as the arrival of a new child or the purchase of a new home. This valuable information equips agents/producers with the knowledge they can use to include the new child in existing policies the client might have, or cross-sell household contents cover to clients who have recently purchased a new home.  

Filtering and Organizing Active and Inactive policies

With Synatic’s data management capabilities agents can swiftly filter, identify, and consolidate both active and inactive policies within the agency’s app. Currently, this process is extremely manual and requires agents to laboriously build Excel reports to gather and filter out this information. With Synatic and Jigx this process is automated and expedited.

Actioning Policy Renewals

Agency applications can automate the tracking of policy statuses, allowing agents to quickly filter through this information based on predefined criteria such as policies nearing their 30/60/90 day expiration dates. This enhanced data accessibility and automation not only saves time but also significantly enhances the policy renewal and retention processes. Agents can then immediately take action within the application.  

By integrating these functionalities into agency apps, Synatic and Jigx empower insurance agents with the tools they need to enhance their productivity, improve client engagement, and provide better service overall.

Harnessing The Power Of Synatic and Jigx For Accelerated Application Development

Synatic's seamless integration with Jigx accelerates the delivery of mobile-native applications, be it iOS or Android. Instead of burdening the Jigx application with complex data processing tasks, Synatic acts as an intermediary, swiftly transferring data between core systems and the front end of mobile applications. This approach significantly enhances innovation speed, enabling agencies to bring customer solutions to market rapidly.

Contact Synatic today to unlock the full potential of your insurance applications and provide your agents with the tools they need to excel.

Andile Khumalo
November 14, 2023
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