Using 360-degree Customer Views to Move from Transactional Services to Experiential Relationships

Not that long ago it was normal for people to remain with insurers their entire lives. However, experts are now advising customers to review their insurance policies once every year to ensure their insurance needs are still being met. And, as insurtech continues to mature, it has become increasingly simple to switch to a service provider that can offer customized services and products that cater to individual needs and preferences. If traditional insurers hope to compete, they must strive to achieve a 360-degree view of their customers to not only identify but predict customer needs - and this predominantly relies on agents and brokers having immediate access to clean, relevant customer data when they need it.  

One of the main challenges when it comes to delivering a 360-degree view of the customer is ensuring the relevant data is easily accessible and available. With seamless access to consolidated client data, agencies can begin operationalizing the information to perform unique agency specific functions including:

  • Sending clients sms's to notify them of upcoming policy renewal,
  • Automating campaigns that communicate why client policy rates may increase,
  • Automating mails and communication when an increase in monthly premiums exceeds 10%

However, most agencies struggle with siloed data, residing across the organization and in multiple disparate systems.  

Many businesses rely on CRM systems to manage and store their customer data. Insurance agencies are no different. However, most CRM offerings have not been tailored to the insurance environment, leaving insurance agents frustrated, with some being forced to use up to four different CRM systems to meet their client communication needs.  

What’s more, the CRM system is often cut off from the other lifeblood of agency information - the AMS - and, unfortunately, connecting these two vital systems is no simple task. This disconnect often forces agents to manually transfer data from one system to the other, costing the agency time and money.

For an insurance agencies trying to service a customer who has become used to digital organizations knowing everything about them, disconnected systems and siloed data can be a death knell.  

An Effortless Connection That Benefits Agents and Clients

Synatic’s CRM Sync empowers agencies to seamlessly integrate CRM and AMS solutions enables agencies and brokerages to connect their applications, data, and processes through real-time integration without the need for complex coding.  


The solution allows agents to move data bi-directionally between their AMS and CRM systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Dynamics CRM, to name a few. This means agents can effortlessly access client and policy information in the CRM system, giving them a full 360-degree view of their client and delivering a competitive service. What’s more, agents will be able to easily access and identify client information to determine what policies a client has and doesn't have in order to effectively cross-sell and up-sell.

Delivering a Seamless, Comprehensive Customer Service

First and foremost, a 360-degree view of the customer allows agents to properly assess risk then access and leverage all available data across the organization to suggest products and services that are relevant to the customer’s precise stage of life. And, most importantly, price them as competitively as possible.  

A 360-degree customer also gives the sales and marketing teams the opportunity to build strategic campaigns that result in higher conversion rates and larger revenues. Because the agency teams have access to accurate, aggregated data they can provide personalized experiences that are meaningful to the clients across their lifetime customer journey.  

For instance, when the agency becomes aware of new dependents, they can reach out to the client and offer additional and personalized offerings that include new healthcare and life insurance options that cater to the customer’s changing needs.  

Nurturing a more personalized relationship with customers goes a long way towards building a trusted long-term relationship with them. It makes customers feel heard and understood before they even make use of the insurance services. It is an unfortunate reality that consumers only really get to experience the service quality of an insurance agency in times of crisis - at a hospital, after a theft, or even after a death. By making the customer feel their needs are understood and are being met, customers enjoy a sense of trust with their agent, making a switch less likely.  

A 360-degree view doesn't just benefit the customer. Agencies and brokerages can streamline their efforts, cutting down on marketing spend through targeted campaigns that eliminate duplicate efforts and reduce direct-mail campaigns. This drives efficiencies into the business, boosting performance and profits.  

In short, today’s digitally savvy customers are looking for an experiential relationship with the businesses they connect with. However, without a 360-degree view of the customer, insurers will continue to deliver sub-par, transactional relationships, making the lure of the hyper-personalized insurtech more enticing and ultimately risking the insurer’s sustainability. To learn more about how you can sync your CRM to your AMS and other insuretech systems contact us today.

Jamie Peers
December 13, 2023
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