Why Do it Alone? When Synatic Can Do it With You

If it’s not broken, improve it! Software companies have been using SaaS solutions to optimize their businesses for some time now, but we have identified that there is a more efficient and convenient way of implementing data integration solutions through a business model we call Software with a Service or SwaS.

Our distinctive model is transforming the iPaaS landscape by moving in a revolutionary direction. Instead of selling an integration solution that requires businesses to invest resources and time implementing integration projects, we have incorporated our specialized integration service as part of our integration solution package. This ensures that our customers experience a smooth solution build process.

Challenges surrounding implementation

There is at least a high likelihood that if a business's IT department was asked if they have the capacity to implement a new data automation solution, the answer would be “not really”. This team wants to of course, it's just that IT requirement increasingly demands so much of this team! Even though the value of integration solutions is apparent to everyone in the business, many of these self-same businesses don’t have enough resources to make sure it goes live in the shortest time possible. Setting up and utilising software is usually the most drawn-out part of implementing an integration solution. Integration projects consist of a plethora of moving parts, this means that implementing a solution can quickly become a complex task. 

What do customers get out of SwaS?

We simplify integration by adding a human element to data integration. We focus on building relationships that create clear channels of communication, thus allowing us to listen to our customers and develop solutions in line with their needs. Once we are aware of the project requirements we work hand in hand with our customers to plan timelines to reach specified milestones, with incomparable Time To Value.

We give customers the freedom to focus on the design of their integration solution while we take care of the rest. With our unique SwaS model, customers can also decide on the implementation method they want to use. We can take on an entire integration project from start to finish, part of it, or even teach our customer’s solution implementation team all we know about integration.

The Synatic integration platform is easy to use and quick to learn, enabling our customers to rapidly implement their solutions. We share our knowledge on all things integration and guide our customers through the implementation of their integration solutions to ensure that the learning phase is as short as possible.

We realize that the human element can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful integration project. Simply providing a SaaS solution is no longer enough. The winning formula is a powerful integration platform with a human component and smart thinking. If you want to build a data integration solution and get it going in minimal time, the answer is Synatic.

Jamie Peers
June 26, 2022
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