Survival of the Stickiest

When budget cuts force survival of the fittest amongst SaaS subscriptions, the stickier the product and the more value it delivers for the business, the more likely companies will retain it. Anything that is challenging to implement or integrate is unlikely to go ahead when staffing resources are low and pressure to reduce costs is high; therefore, customer retention is more important than ever before.

Businesses are realising that integration and modernisation of their operational applications are vital to their success, however, remaining loyal to an iPaaS provider that is unable to offer great value for money, is not an option in these unprecedented times.

Using the wrong iPaaS solution is the equivalent of drilling holes into a bucket intended to collect water, but instead of losing water, your business is losing precious money. iPaaS solutions that are tailored to better suit your business needs, can not only help you plug these capital draining holes, but also assist in increasing revenue.

Synatic offers a simple, nimble, and powerful solution that can plug the holes in your iPaaS bucket. The Synatic integration and automation platform can be tailored to meet your business’ needs, regardless of size. We offer a modern iPaaS solution that focuses on enabling businesses to iterate faster, by listening to our customers and helping them optimize data across multiple services and systems.  Here are a few business features that we offer to our customers to ensure they see the value in sticking to Synatic as their preferred iPaaS provides. 

Short time to Value (TTV)

One of the main reasons that our customers choose Synatic is the value add of our incredible TTV. Customers can see the value in our platform from the moment they complete their first solution flow, either with our assistance or independently. Through our unique SwaS (Software with a Service) we focus on helping each customer achieve their goals. Synatic has a comprehensive library of instructional content to get our customers acquainted with the platform’s features. We also provide training to our users where we guide them to realising the true TTV capabilities that Synatic has to offer.

Focus on Customer Success

At Synatic we understand that there is a massive difference between customer service and customer success. We always aim to put our customers’ success high on our list of priorities. Our focus on customer success is proactive as we go out of our way to help our customers use the iPaaS solution to its full potential. We work closely with our customers to determine their needs and ensure that we map out a solution implementation process that helps our customers achieve their short, medium, and long-term goals.

World-class Partner Onboarding

We offer a dynamic onboarding process to all our partners and customers. At Synatic we understand that learning how to use an integration and automation platform can be a time-consuming and multifaceted process, but through our partner onboarding process, we ensure that the learning curve is as gentle as possible. By sharing our knowledge on all thing's integration and guiding partners through the implementation of integration solutions, we give partners time to learn how the platform works and allow them to ask any questions they might have about its use.

At Synatic we strive to help customers and partners alike achieve success quickly. We place emphasis on keeping things simple by streamlining the onboarding process and clearly highlighting Synatic’s value upfront.

Customers Become Part of a Community

All Synatic users will automatically become part of the Synatic Community where we exchange ideas, offer solutions to complex challenges and discuss all things integration. By interacting with us and other users, customers will have an additional support channel to assist them in optimising their experience with our integration platform. The Synatic Community is less formal, and users can feel free to engage in conversation with us and ask questions related to the platform, such as features they’d like to see, problems they may be experiencing, or tips and tricks that they have discovered.

We believe that the essence of customer retention is about respecting the time of our user community, resolving the challenges they encounter, and providing a great overall user experience. It is no secret that customers are always happy to stick with an iPaaS provider who understands them. At Synatic our target is to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers and partners to ensure that they achieve their desired goals and attain success.

Jamie Peers
July 20, 2021
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