Synatic and AWCape Partner Up: Refreshing your Financial Systems with Sage Intacct

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“We were impressed by the speed of deployment for Sage Intacct, which the Synatic platform helped us get up-and-running in just over a month. The ease of integration with other business systems, the ease of use, and how the Synatic Hybrid integration Platform empowers end-users are also compelling benefits.”
Jeff Ryan, Managing Director, AWCape
Company Size
< 50 Employees
Accounting & Accounting Services
Western Cape, South Africa
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Company Profile

AWCape (Pty) Ltd, a leading Sage Business Partner for Accounting, HR & Payroll solutions, provides professional Systems Integration services to their customers. AWCape ensures effective deployment of Sage Intacct, Sage 300cloud Accounting (previously called Accpac), Sage 300 People, and Sage VIP Premier. AWCape empowers businesses to make their teams more effective and productive when using Sage related products by removing repetitive work, digitizing workflows, and standardizing document production.

AWCape was founded by Henri Hattingh who had amassed decades of software development experience working in key roles within Africa’s largest software and services groups. AWCape is well known for its outstanding consulting resources and industry-leading cloud solutions which have allowed them to continuously define the standard for service excellence.

Partnering with Synatic to Unlock New Automation Capabilities

AWCape has partnered with Synatic to solve complex and time-consuming data integration and automation challenges with unparalleled speed. By using Synatic’s high-impact features and comprehensive data management tools, AWCape has been able to suggest and build solutions for their clients that empower them to produce the data their teams need, when they need it.

Business Situation

AWCape has always been driven to find faster and more efficient ways of integrating data into various Sage products. Many of AWCape’s customers seek to implement Sage within their business ecosystem to optimize their core business processes including inventory, sales, customer service, finance, and workflow. Challenges arise when clients request their intricate technology solutions to be integrated so that the data surfaces inside the required Sage platforms.

Life & Brand (L&B), a dynamic casual dining group based in the Western Cape wanted to refresh its financial systems with a modern, cloud-based platform like Sage Intacct to provide more timely business insights to its management team. Daniel Smith, Financial Director at L&B said, “Businesses within the hospitality industry are under constant pressure to improve efficiencies and drive down costs.” L&B decided to enlist the expertise of AWCape and Synatic to implement their Sage Intacct integration in order to automate data capture processes that required manual intervention.

The Sage technology solution stack is all about taking control of your entire business and gaining a clear view of your data across different segments of your organization. However, no organization can achieve a 360-degree view of how their business is performing if their systems remain siloed, therefore, integration plays a key role in making sure that disparate systems are connected, and L&B could get the most from a Sage Intacct investment.

Synatic offered a Nimble, Simple, and Powerful solution that allowed AWCape to move the right data sets between their client's system and various Sage solutions. Jeff Ryan, Managing Director at AWCape said, “Synatic’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) not only made it possible to move the data between multiple systems, but the platform’s capabilities helped AWCape manipulate and transform data, making it easier for Sage Intacct to consume.”

Partnering with Synatic to Deliver High-Speed and Reliable Integration Solutions

Using Synatic’s Hybrid Integration Platform, AWCape and Synatic were able to create a harmonious integration that connected L&B’s POS (Point of Sale) and Workflow systems with Sage Intacct. This complex integration allowed L&B to easily view and analyze performance at their stores and run consolidated reports for the organization.

In addition to consolidating data that is used to power real-time decision making, AWCape and Synatic were able to integrate L&B’s banking transaction feed with Sage Intacct to automate the allocation of financial transactions to the correct general ledger account. This has led to detailed, centralized data being available to the finance department and business executives to gain deep insight into their business.

AWCape and Synatic were able to solve L&B’s challenges by simplifying and streamlining the way L&B moved data between applications. By using the Synatic platform, L&B was able to collate and standardize datasets quickly and easily before the data was pushed into Sage Intacct where the data is used to allocate financial transactions and compile reports. Implementing this integration meant that L&B did not have to build out complex solutions to perform multiple API calls to retrieve data from multiple sources, sort through the data, and filter out the correct data so that it could be used. This enabled L&B to rapidly speed up the rate of data transfer and improve overall operational efficiency.


“By partnering with Synatic, AWCape was able to bolster its integration abilities and improve the speed and accuracy with which the Sage solution brings systems together,” said Ryan. For many growing businesses it can be difficult to get timely insights to the right people if financial information is spread out across multiple spread sheets or tied up in manual processes. To achieve this, businesses need to invest in the right implementation, consulting, and integration partners.

He continued to say, “The partnership between AWCape and Synatic was a true team effort and there was always positive energy throughout the L&B Sage integration project. We look forward to working with Synatic on future projects.”

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