Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Your Raw Data Into Business-Ready Intelligence

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Transform Your Data, Transform Your Organization

Seamlessly Extract, Transform, and Load data from one or more sources into a centralized data warehouse or lake, with a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP).

Synatic’s streamlines the data ingestion process and provide unmatched speed and accuracy in terms of data transfer and transformation.

Synatic’s robust ETL toolset provides the foundation for data analytics and integration, fueling superior data analysis, and decision making.

Do Any of These Questions Sound Familiar?

If so, and your frustrations fit into any of these categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.
How can I transform data from multiple sources to meet validation requirements before moving it to a centralized data repository?
Cleanse the data to improve data quality and establish consistency
How do I extract data from legacy systems and operationalize it for modern cloud-based solutions to use?
How can I standardize data from multiple sources in preparation for data analytics?
Complete Automation
Synatic provides a complete toolset for your most complex data transformation challenges. The platform removes the need for staging environments through in-flight transformation of data allowing you to load data directly into a target destination.

Whether you need to ETL data for your enterprise warehouse, BI platforms, or analytics systems; Synatic will handle all your data transformation needs.
Automate ETL Pipelines

Synatic’s ETL tools empower time-saving automation for laborious and recurring data transformation and migration tasks such as data ingestion, processing, enrichment, mapping and loading

Instantly Transform and Store Warehouse Data

Synatic allows you to fast-track data transformation and store the data right within the platform’s built-in data warehouse. Greater business agility via ETL for data processing

Quick Access to the Right Data

Synatic’s ETL automation improves productivity because it enables the data users to access information without needing to write lengthy lines of code 

Real-Time ETL Tools

Synatic provides real-time access to data from different sources allowing the right people to access the right data at the right time.  

ETL Data in From Legacy Solutions to Modernize Your Data

Synatic empowers you to ETL data from legacy applications for modern systems to use, allowing businesses to experience performance, resource, and time saving benefits

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The Advantages of Using Synatic for ETL

Reduce delivery times
Automate complex processes
Validate data before migration
Cleans and deduplicate data 
Create a visual flow of data
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