Building Custom Data Integration That Opens Up a New World of Possibilities for Your Business

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All Your Data, Connected

Overcome data complexities and eliminate data silos by integrating data between on-premises and cloud applications with Synatic’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP).

Synatic allows you to connect your applications, data, and processes through batch or real-time integration without the need for complex coding.

With Synatic, you can solve your data challenges with a single Hybrid Integration Platform and unlock new levels of interconnectivity and productivity.

Do Any of These Questions Sound Familiar?

If so, and your frustrations fit into any of these categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.
How do I unlock data from legacy software and map it to the appropriate destination system objects?
How do I avoid the pitfalls of hand-coding, and develop dynamic and more efficient ways to integrate data?
I have multiple line of business solutions. How do I move data between these solutions in order to gain a 360-degree view across my full stack, and make sure transactional data flows?
How can I ensure fast and efficient data access between applications, or with third parties?
Unleash The Power of Your Data Through Integration
Accelerate Time-To-Value

Synatic’s drag and drop graphical user interface, robust data mapping tools, and a comprehensive collection of connectors, enables you to build any integration with unparalleled speed.

Improve Productivity

With Synatic, you gain access to operational intelligence and reusable business logic. This allows you to simplify your integration process and error resolution.

Ready To Go Integrations

Synatic has a growing range of pre-built connectors and integration solutions ready to go for your business needs.

Tailor to Your Needs

Synatic can move up to billions of rows of data each month, making it a practical option for any size organization.

Connect Any Application, on Prem or Cloud

Synatic allows for integration and automation with any cloud application, be it REST, SOAP, Graph or oData.

Further, Synatic can seamlessly connect to databases, SDKs or APIs hosted on-premises without requiring firewall configuration changes, SSL certificates, or opening of ports.

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The Advantages of Using Synatic for Integrations

Reduce the cost and complexity of integrating multiple systems
Solve complex data challenges with predefined solutions
Eliminate tightly coupled point-to-point integration
Improve time to market
Empower citizen developers through Synatic’s graphical UI
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