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The Missing Link to Connecting Your PropTech with Your Legacy Solutions.

Gain control over your PropTech solutions with Synatic’s robust and function-rich data integration and automation tool.

Synatic focuses on delivering a world class Hybrid Integration Platform that brings together your disparate sets of data from multiple PropTech and legacy solutions, enabling you to have a cohesive data strategy.

Do Any of These Questions Sound Familiar?

If so, and your frustrations fit into any of these categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.
How can I link my MLS to my CRM?
How can I connect MRI or Yardi to my other systems?
I really need to automate management and reporting processes and I don’t know how?
How can I easily centralize information in my data warehouse, such as access control data, and always keep it up to date and accurate
How can I automate my billing processes, and add in information from HVAC solutions?
A Dynamic Solution to Keep up with Industry Trends and Proptech
Lease Management Integrations

Synatic can integrate your lease management solutions with the rest of your PropTech stack, drastically improving efficiency and communication.

PropTech Integrations

Orchestrate data between multiple disparate solutions to gain control over your data and establish a single integrated source of truth to report from.

We have done it all with proven track record in the insurance industry.

MLS and CRM Integrations

Integrate client information from your CRM with MLS to connect your clients with homes and buyers more easily.

Legacy Systems Data Clean Up and Modernization

Synatic can modernize your legacy solutions and integrate data from these legacy technologies with the newest modern PropTech solutions.

Core Focus Areas Include
CRM Integration

Integrate customer, policy and claim information

BI / Analytics

No more data silos, democratize it

Partner Integration

Make your data flow automatically to your partners, UWA, MGA, Broker and Agent

Modernize In Moments

Legacy systems are a things of the past - Synatic can modernize data from any legacy solution.


Automating Data for Your Business