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Bringing Together Your Dataverse One Siloed System at a Time

Synatic seeks to help drive innovation and enhance your system integration and automation experience with our Nimble, Simple and Powerful Data Integration Hub (DIH).

We aim to reshape how you connect all your data sources and help you get the Right data, to the Right person, at the Right time..
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Why Synatic?

The concept for Synatic developed from the market needs of businesses trying to integrate data from multiple sources and systems using multiple tools to meet their requirements.

By combining 4 tools into one, Synatic was able to bring ETL, API Management, Data Warehousing, and Integration into a single platform to allow seamless integration and easy use for businesses to meet their goals. At Synatic we are focused on:
connecting disparate data sets
modernizing legacy systems
automating operational processes in order to improve business efficiency.
We believe in the incremental organization and that making constant improvement is the compound interest of innovation.

Synatic Leadership

As a company, we pride ourselves on having a dynamic and hard-working team that aims to revolutionize the integration space through stepwise innovation and a burning desire to break boundaries.

We have created a culture of courageous determination and foresight, to inspire innovation and lateral thinking when resolving your data challenges.

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Key Focus
Our Key Focus is to Operationalize Data
You may be struggling to consolidate your data, push it out to the right system, or operationalize your data for other systems to use.

These are our focus areas and the key objective.
Key Focus

Why Synatic?

Whether this entails building out integrations between solutions, or dynamically processing multiple data sets in memory to expose this information to an API endpoint, we can do it all.

There is not a data challenge we have met to date that we have not been able to conquer.

Are you ready to begin your data automation journey?