Synatic Leadership

Martin Naude

CEO and Founder

Martin Naude is the CEO and Founder of Synatic, a Hybrid Integration Platform that provides a holistic data solution, enabling businesses to operationalize their data.

With over 20 years of experience as a senior executive in several technology businesses, Martin brings a technical hands-on approach to building powerful data solutions for enterprises. Martin is an accomplished leader with a history of delivering company growth and driving product and business development with innovative solutions.Martin holds a Bachelors of Information Technology from the University of Johannesburg.

Martin holds a Bachelors of Information Technology from the University of Johannesburg.

Jamie Peers

VP of Business Development and Alliances

As the VP of Business Development and Alliances, Jamie is responsible for strategic partnerships and the growth and GTM strategies for Synatic, working closely with Sales and Marketing teams and the Head of Delivery on implementation of processes. 

With 20 years’ experience in the SaaS industry, Jamie is an accomplished executive with a track record of business development in global markets. Prior to joining Synatic, Jamie held a variety of leadership roles most recently as the CEO of Chase Software. He is a big believer in people and enabling the people around him to push for growth and be their best version of themselves.

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Business Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town.

Thiren Bunsee

VP of Product Development

As the VP of Product Development, Thiren is responsible for the engineering efforts required to maintain, improve and extend the Synatic platform. This includes working closely with the Sales and Delivery teams to bring new product ideas to market and ensuring that Synatic upholds its high information security standards.

Thiren is both performance and results orientated with experience in delivering class leading, scalable, cloud native SAAS products to both local and international markets. He has a strong understanding of software development best practices and current industry trends and brings experience working with cross-functional teams to deliver software products that solve business problems effectively and efficiently. 

Sanushin Pillay

Head of Delivery

Sanushin is the VP of Delivery for Synatic, overseeing the successful implementation and delivery of client and partner projects. He has more than 8 years of IT experience ranging from development to architecture and design.

His experience in integration platforms, ERPs, and other IT systems allow him to apply global best practice design principles to the solutions he implements. Sanushin assists in bridging the gap between end user and developer by applying his business systems analysis knowledge to elicit client requirements.

Sanushin holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Economics and Information Systems from Rhodes University.

Shaun Bingham

VP of Customer Success

As the VP of Customer Success, Shaun and his team strive to maximize customer data and business requirements through continual advisory, consultation, and support for customers within the Synatic Platform.

With a passion for both technology and customer service, Shaun brings years of experience to deliver customer success.

Shaun earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management degree from the University of Johannesburg.
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Synatic Leadership

CEO and Founder
VP of Business Development and Alliances
VP of Product Development
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CEO and Founder
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