Delivering High-Speed and Reliable Integration Solutions

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"Working with Synatic was a pleasure, and their ability to work alongside the Cloud Orca team and rapidly create a solution that met our client's needs was second to none." Tony Di Carlo, Chief Operating Officer
Tony Di Carlo, Chief Operating Officer
Cloud Orca
Cloud Orca
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10-50 Employees
Information Technology & Services
Shoreditch, London
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Company Profile

As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, Cloud Orca provides a unique and valuable perspective when it comes to the adoption and implementation of Salesforce within a variety of industries including fintech, media, retail, marketing, and life sciences. Founded in 2018, Cloud Orca has developed an agile and authentic approach towards Salesforce implementation that ensures their clients get the absolute best out of their CRM by customizing it to fit their exact needs. The team at Cloud Orca has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in advancing technology to drive tangible results, allowing them to carve out a unique path to help businesses get the most value out of their Salesforce investment.

Business Situation

One of Cloud Orca’s clients, working within the financial services industry, required a custom integration between their bespoke internal system and Salesforce. The solution demanded several complicated calculations be performed on the back end in terms of extracting data from their custom database and pushing data into Salesforce. The client spent two months attempting to build their integration through customer code, to no avail. The resulting solution was not able to integrate with their internal systems in a QA environment due to version errors with the APIs. This halted the solution from being implemented in a production environment.

The client was under immense pressure to produce a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to solve their organization's need to centralize their data. With the complex nature of the bespoke system that needed integrating with Salesforce and the escalated time frame, Cloud Orca realized they would need a partner to help get the client’s integration up and running within their strict deadline. Cloud Orca decided to explore the data integration and automation landscape and proposed Synatic. Tony Di Carlo, Chief Operating Officer at Cloud Orca said, “working alongside Synatic, we were able to combine our resources and expertise to develop an MVP for the client within their strict time constraints.”

Deliver High-speed and Reliable Integration Solutions

By leveraging Synatic’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP),Cloud Orca and Synatic were able to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data sets from the client's bespoke internal system into Salesforce. A feat that the client was struggling to execute before their deadline, predominantly because of outdated APIs. Working closely with the client, Cloud Orca and Synatic managed to push client-specific data including policy numbers, contact details, and more from their bespoke solution into Salesforce.

Di Carlo said, “Synatic's HIP made it simple and quick to create and manage new APIs, using its low-code approach to integration. The team at Synatic was able to create a brand-new integration and build an API call to trigger a flow that extracted data from the client’s bespoke system, manipulated the data, reformatted it, and transferred the data into Salesforce. To document the APIs, the Synatic team also created Swagger documents that laid out the API architecture and made the documentation accessible to the client’s technical personnel. This made the self-management of their integration easier for them.”

Collaborations Built for Success

Di Carlo said, “Synatic was able to offer an agile and reliable data automation solution that brought the flexibility and configurability that Cloud Orca, and our client, needed. This allowed our organization to take on a more custom and complex integration project.” Not only did Synatic provide a powerful platform to facilitate the integration, but Synatic’s integration team was able to share their knowledge and expertise on all things integration and guide all the parties involved through the implementation. Di Carlo said,“the Synatic team was always on hand and willing to provide support from an integration and technical point of view which made the solution building process quick and efficient.”

“Working with Synatic was a pleasure, and their ability to work along side the Cloud Orca team and rapidly create a solution that met our client's needs was second to none. We look forward to working together with Synatic on future projects.”

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