Leveraging Synatic to Speedily Solve Complex CRM to AMS360 / Benefit Point Integration Challenges

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Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives
Independent Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Advisory Firm
Independent Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Advisory Firm
Company Size
200-500 Employees
St. Cloud, Minnesota
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Company Profile

The customer is a forward-thinking insurance brokerage and risk management firm that is dedicated to helping its clients succeed by protecting their assets and managing their risk. The insurance agency has quickly established itself as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, providing customized insurance solutions to help clients face risk head-on since 2016. The brokerage offers a range of insurance and risk management solutions to businesses and individuals, including property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, and risk management consulting.

The customer serves clients across a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. The brokerage has built a strong reputation for its expertise in these industries and its ability to provide tailored insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Business Situation

For several years, the prominent insurance brokerage had been using a multiple disparate and siloed systems to manage its client data and sales pipeline. Its sales team faced a number of challenges due to manual intervention and the lack of modern functionalities. To modernize their systems, they decided to migrate to HubSpot, a leading CRM and Marketing Automation platform. Another essential demand was that their main Agency Management Systems, which were driven by AMS 360 and BenefitPoint, be integrated with the new CRM system. To avoid delaying the integration until after the migration was complete, the team sought to integrate the three systems before transferring CRM data to guarantee necessary synchronization from the start.

Despite hiring a consulting company to assist with the migration, they soon realized that the firm wasn’t able to comply with their integration needs and integrate their data into Hubspot effectively. The customer’s Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives said, “The migration process was not going well. We were struggling to build a connection with the consulting company and the fact that the project completion was always being delayed resulted in plenty of unnecessary billable hours being spent.” The Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives continued by saying, “The entire project lacked any real traction and we had limited visibility into the progress of the project.”

CRM Data Migration Strategy, Implementation, and Ongoing Support

Synatic’s team promptly examined the situation and identified the gaps in the agency’s systems. They put together a comprehensive strategy for migrating the customers’ data from their outdated legacy systems to HubSpot, ensuring that all the data was accurately mapped and integrated. The team achieved this by using Synatic’s Data Integration Hub (DIH)and leveraging the platforms data automation and migration features and out-of-the-box components. This enabled the Synatic implementation team to easily integrate the customers applications, APIs, and data sources to streamline and shorten the migration and modernization process.

Synatic delivered an integration solution that allowed the independent insurance brokerage and risk management firm to establish a system that facilitated the bi-directional transfer of client data and policies between their Agency Management System (Vertafore) and HubSpot. Synatic’s DIH comes equipped with fully customizable Vertafore connectors which made it simpler for the Synatic team and the insurance brokerage’s developers to design and maintain the new integration. This enabled the firm to streamline their business operations by eliminating manual data CRM Data Migration Strategy, Implementation, and Ongoing Support entry, resulting in increased data accuracy and more efficient workflow.

Synatic’s Software-as-a-Service delivered the skills required to help the independent insurance brokerage and risk management firm overcome difficult and sometimes unexpected architectural, data management, and technological problems throughout the solution design and implementation process. This not only enables Synatic clients to design dynamic solutions that meet the demands of businesses today, but it also assists IT Teams in learning all that they can from Synatic about their platform so that they have the knowledge and skills needed to configure their solutions for the future. The firm’s Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives said, “Synatic didn’t just provide the technology, they worked closely with us to build the integration and helped teach us how to excel at using the platform, so it really did feel like a true partnership.” As a data automation and integration provider, Synatic realizes that accelerating Time To Value requires ongoing collaboration between the solution provider and the client. This helps Synatic customers rapidly gain momentum and get the most out of their data.


The importance of “getting the right data, to the right person, at the right time” cannot be overstated in the insurance industry, where timely and accurate information is critical to risk management and decision-making. By consolidating the data into a single, unified platform, the independent insurance brokerage and risk management firm was able to improve data accuracy, streamline operations, and enhance productivity in the sales cycle and back-end procedures.

Overall, the brokerage’s successful partnership with Synatic emphasizes the necessity of choosing the right data integration partner that can fulfill unique business requirements. With the right partner, organizations can leverage the latest data integration technologies and capabilities to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

"We needed a solution provider that would assist us in meeting our integration requirements as our CRM and AMS integration project experienced a number of setbacks caused by the initial solution provider. Synatic performed what seemed to be a miracle by taking over the project and making sure the project was completed within the expected completion date and budget."

They Delivered with Synatic