Partnering with Synatic to Unlock New Automation Capabilities

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Whether we needed ETL, Integration, API Management, or Warehousing capabilities, Synatic was able to do it all.
Anton Du Toit, Head of Customer Success & Co-Founder
JAAM Automation
JAAM Automation
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Company Profile

JAAM Automation is a business automation provider that combines the latest technologies, finest skills, and best people to deliver successful automation for organizations across the world. JAAM empowers businesses to make their teams more effective and productive by removing repetitive work, digitizing workflows, standardizing document production, and leveraging practical AI (Artificial Intelligence) to intelligently incept work.

The team at JAAM was founded by several automation experts who came together after decades of working in key roles within the automation industry to offer a flexible, sustainable, and reliable business automation solution for automation consultations. JAAM Automation focuses on putting the right people at the forefront of technology. JAAM believes that businesses are human, and the solutions built must be designed to support the people within those businesses.

Partnering with Synatic to Unlock New Automation Capabilities

JAAM Automation has partnered with Synatic to solve complex and time-consuming data automation challenges with rapid speed. By using Synatic’s high-impact features and data management tools, JAAM was able to suggest and build solutions for their clients that, in the past, would have been outside of their capabilities.

Business Situation

While working to automate one of their client's business systems, JAAM Automation needed to access data stored in the client’s bespoke legacy systems and transfer that data into a more modern system. When it comes to legacy system modernization, where to begin, what components of the data to modernize, and how to modernize those components are just a few of the fundamental questions that must be answered. The obstacle preventing JAAM from completing this specific project was being able to convert the data into the format required by the modernized system.

Synatic offered a Nimble, Simple, and Powerful solution that allowed JAAM to move the right data sets between the client's legacy system and their modernized system. Anton Du Toit, Head of Customer Success & Co-founder at JAAM Automation said “Synatic’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) not only made it possible to move the data between multiple systems, but the platform’s capabilities helped JAAM manipulate the format of data, making it easier for the client's modernized system to consume.”

Another use case where Synatic was able to assist JAAM in building an automation solution, was for a client struggling to open data sources to customers through their bespoke online e-commerce service. To solve this challenge, JAAM needed to build a solution that would allow the e-commerce site to extract data from multiple business systems through data API points and make the data accessible to all customers using the client's online e-commerce service.

Du Toit said, "Synatic made it simple and quick to create and manage API’s using its no-code, low-code or your code approach to integration.” Using Synatic’s API Management tools allowed JAAM to develop an API call to trigger off a flow that extracted, manipulated, and reformatted data so that it could be exposed through the e-commerce site.

Delivering Value for Nintex Customers using Synatic

One of the more popular enterprise workflow automation solutions is Nintex. It is a low-code automation platform with a drag-and-drop user interface for creating workflows and driving process automation. The platform also enables the generation, signing, and storage of documents from within the software.

JAAM has worked with multiple clients who use the Nintex platform to automate many of their line of business processes and a reoccurring theme amongst these clients were the challenges they faced when managing data from multiple data sources into Nintex. This problem led to clients often having to manually transfer data between applications which inherently brought with it additional challenges such as dealing with human error and omission of data between applications. The clients found themselves spending precious time and resources attempting to correct and make sense of their data instead of spending it on gaining business growth.

Synatic and JAAM were able to solve multiple clients’ Nintex / K2 challenges by simplifying and streamlining the way these clients moved data between applications. By using the Synatic platform, JAAM was able to collate and standardize data sets quickly and easily before the data being pushed into Nintex / K2 where the data is used to create work flows and forms. This meant that clients did not have to build out complex solutions to perform multiple API calls to get data from multiple sources, sort through the data, and filter out the correct data so that it could be used. This enabled JAAM’s clients to rapidly speed up the rate of data transfer and improve overall operational efficiency.

Synatic– All-in-One Data Solution

JAAM Automation has worked with multiple automation technology vendors that provide automation capabilities. Du Toit said, “dealing with clients that have on average 15 line of business systems each producing their own system-specific data, made it exceptionally challenging to automate their systems. Having the ability to manipulate data at will and integrate the data between systems is a critical component to running a seamless automation project.”

Most data integration vendors that provide solutions packaged with standard automation features out of the box, would not necessarily meet JAAM’s end-to-end automation requirements. Du Toit, said, “Synatic was a game-changing platform that allowed JAAM Automation to create an integration layer for our clients’ solutions, enabling us to automate systems faster and more efficiently.” In addition, Du Toit mentioned that Synatic was an economically viable option which was a standout point for JAAM.

Du Toit continued by saying, “instead of investing in 4 different technologies to solve one problem, Synatic’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) offered a single solution capable of solving all JAAM’s data integration and automation challenges. Whether we needed ETL, Integration, API Management or Warehousing capabilities, Synatic was able to do it all.”

Partnerships Built for Success

Partnering with Synatic has empowered JAAM Automation to rapidly build integration solutions for their clients without expensive resources, allowing JAAM to move faster and facilitate complex data transformations. When dealing with data automation, changes and challenges are almost unavoidable and need to be intelligently navigated.

Du Toit said, “the Synatic team was always on hand to help when JAAM encountered obstacles that required more in-depth integration and automation knowledge. The team was extremely nimble and accommodating when it came to helping JAAM develop solutions that needed to meet strict client requirements.”


“Finding a solution provider that would empower JAAM to connect various business systems, automate business processes, and manage the flow of data across disparate sources was a key factor in choosing an automation partner. Synatic fits the bill in all these areas perfectly.”

They Delivered with Synatic