Siloed Data Only Leads to Operational Inefficiencies and Reduced Accuracy

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Synatic is doing what I call, the dirty plumbing between all our rating systems. End users can simply click on a button and obtain the data they need while Synatic works in the background verifying, integrating, and orchestrating data without them having a clue of the “technical heavy lifting” that goes on in the background.
Dhakshina Moorthy / Executive Leader / N2G
N2G Worldwide Insurance Services, LCC
N2G Worldwide Insurance Services, LCC
Company Size
50 - 200 employees
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
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N2G is a joint venture between Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Generali Global Corporate & Commercial offering worldwide insurance protection in more than 160 countries. N2G combines Nationwide’s strong U.S. based brand recognition and distribution with Generali’s footprint as a leading global insurer across the property and casualty spectrum.

With a combined backing by Nationwide, rated A+ by both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s – and Generali, rated A by A.M. Best and A by Fitch, N2G delivers strong underwriting expertise and superior coverage solutions for domestic and foreign exposures.

At the heart of N2G is a strong, customer-centered approach dedicated to offering lasting partnerships, trusted protection, and outstanding service.

Business Situation

N2G is a fairly new multi-national company formed through joint venture of its two parent companies. When the newly established insurance organization began operations, N2G chose to continue using the existing systems Nationwide and Generali had individually invested in. Being a multinational organization offering multiple lines of insurance, N2G inherently had multiple rating, quoting, and issuing systems. To service its clients N2G agents would have to use these various tools to accurately rate, underwrite, and issue policies.

N2G’s rating system consists of Instec and several other proprietary software solutions to manage policy ratings and keep up with rating changes due to changing regulations and compliance requirements. In addition to its rating tools, N2G uses Salesforce to manage its sales pipeline, and Policy Decisions to handle the administration of various policies.

The main challenge they were faced with was that their solutions were siloed and disparate making it challenging to seamlessly move data between systems. N2G was in search of an integration provider that could integrate data between its multiple solutions and establish Salesforce as its single source of truth. Dhakshina Moorthy, Executive Leader at N2G said, “Synatic is doing what I call, the dirty plumbing between all our rating systems. End users can simply click on a button and obtain the data they need while Synatic works in the background verifying, integrating, and orchestrating data without them having a clue of the “technical heavy lifting” that goes on in the background.”

Siloed Data Only Leads to Operational Inefficiencies and Reduced Accuracy

When working to provide clients with a quote, agents would capture the client’s details in the according rating tools based on the line of business the client required. Agents would then consolidate the rating information and capture it in Salesforce. This data, along with other client information, was sent via email to several different underwriters requesting that they provide them with a quote. Once the quotes were generated, the underwriters would send the quotes to the agents who would then manually capture that quote in Salesforce.

All this information needed to be shared with the organization’s processing teams, compliance, and other departments before the policy could transition from being rated to completely bound. The issue was that the data existed in multiple systems making it extremely time-consuming for everyone involved in the rate-quote-bind process to locate and access the data they needed to do their job. What’s more, there was no real way of identifying which rating, quote, or policy was the most correct and up to date.

Building a Seamless Salesforce Integration with Synatic

Synatic was able to build an integration between Salesforce and N2G’s numerous rating systems empowering N2G to move data automatically and effortlessly between the different solutions.

Synatic set up a rules engine to identify each client’s respective line of business before sending the client’s data into the appropriate rating tool. Once the rating has been established, the relevant people or teams are notified through Salesforce. This creates a task queue that tells the relevant person that they have a task in Salesforce waiting to be completed.

In addition to the Salesforce integration, Synatic also created a complex integration that allowed N2G to fetch data from multiple systems and push that data back seamlessly into a quoting engine and then expose the data from the quote inside Salesforce.

Eliminating Duplicate Data and Errors

Using Synatic’s Data Integration Hub (DIH) to consolidate data before transferring it into N2G’s quoting system allowed the organization to simplify what was once an exceptionally complex and cumbersome process. Moorthy said “Before implementing the DIH, agents were required to continuously revise the quotes that were produced by their quoting system. Data was being manually picked and entered into our quoting tool which left the door open for duplicate data entry and errors to creep into client quotes.”

Moorthy continued by saying, “With Synatic’s DIH, orchestrating all our data, we see significantly fewer complaints from agents about the information in quotes being wrong, or incorrectly calculated. ”Data transfer and integration between N2G’s systems is more accurate making it a lot easier for the organization to eliminate the distractions caused by dirty data. Moorthy said, “Synatic is helping us spend less time dealing with data quality issues and more time serving clients and being productive.”

Consolidating and Compiling Documents in a Central Location with Ease

By leveraging Synatic’s DIH, N2G was able to rapidly combine quotes from different underwriters and export those quotes in the correct format directly into Salesforce. Moorthy said, “Since the DIH places all the quotes right into Salesforce, we no longer have to depend on PDF Documents and PDF Compilers to consolidate documents. Moorthy continued, “By leveraging Synatic’s data transformation and consolidation capabilities we’re now able to go into a client’s account folder in Salesforce, and in there, lo and behold we have all the documents related to the client neatly and systematically presented.”

How Has Synatic Helped to Improve N2G’s Rate-Quote-Bind Process?

Before choosing to invest in Synatic’s DIH, N2G performed thorough research on several integration tools that were on the market and decided on Synatic because it was one of the few platforms that were able to seamlessly integrate and aggregate data, and then expose API’s for other systems to utilize.

Moorthy said, “Working with Synatic was amazing! The Synatic team was always there for us any time we experienced any integration challenges. When we talk about data integration between insurance systems there are plenty of nuances in terms of the type of data, the format, and the different lines of business. Working with Synatic was kind of like having the right person in the room to resolve any type of issues we came across.”

Collaborations Built for Success

By working with Synatic, N2G was able to solve its integration challenges and pull data from multiple disparate systems together to create a clear, precise, and holistic view of its data inside Salesforce with incredible speed and accuracy. Moorthy said, “It was effortless coming to grips with Synatic’s Data Integration Hub. If there ever was a challenge that we could not find a solution to on our own, Synatic’s support team was always available and exceedingly responsive when it came to helping us navigate those challenges.”

They Delivered with Synatic