Gaining valuable customer insights with Vertafore AMS360 and BenefitPoint, integrated to Salesforce

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“Synatic is capable of doing so much. We are eager to learn more about what the platform can do and how we can take advantage of its speed, reliability, and efficiency to improve more of our internal processes.” - Irina Giller, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Irina Giller, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
PSA Insurance & Financial Services
PSA Insurance & Financial Services
Company Size
50-200 people
Mid-Atlantic, USA
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Company Profile

PSA Insurance & Financial Services is the Mid-Atlantic’s leading independent insurance brokerage and risk management firm providing employee benefits, risk management, and personal insurance solutions. They specialize in sourcing the leading carriers that are best suited to cater to their clients’ needs at the most competitive rates. With their vast knowledge, experience, and resources they provide national-caliber capabilities with local service for both employees and companies. PSA has been assisting clients in growing and protecting their assets since 1928 and today is widely known as a leader in the industry when it comes to embracing technology to grow the firm and better serve clients.

Building a United Front, One Integration at a Time 

PSA Insurance & Financial Services has partnered with Synatic, to solve its disparate, multi-system data automation challenges. Through Synatic’s powerful integration platform, PSA was able to automate several internal processes and solve their disparate system challenges with nimble solutions, all without expensive resources or lengthy implementation timelines.

Business Needs / Problem 

·   PSA required a more efficient way to bring data together that was housed between several applications. Their previous manual processes were considerably time consuming, laborious, and required valuable company resources to execute. This ultimately leading to PSA spending additional costs on tasks that could be completely automated.

·   Due to siloed data sources, PSA’s sales team had limited visibility into their clients’ profiles consisting of information such as the company size, staff complement and policy structure. The team required greater insight into their data to gain valuable information and improve their customer-centric strategy.

Bringing Two Worlds Together

By using multiple workflows, Synatic built an integration solution that allows for a bi-directional transfer of data between PSA’s Agency Management System (AMS) and Salesforce. What this allows PSA to do is create a client shell profile on AMS using information from Salesforce which includes data such as the client’s name, producer, address, and other basic information. Once this information has been transferred into AMS, policy administrators can begin servicing the clients using the AMS. Having quick and easy access to the client information allows administrators to add customer value and ensure an excellent customer experience when dealing with clients.

As PSA begins servicing clients, amending policies, and much of this data is transferred automatically back into Salesforce so that producers and sales staff are able to view this data. This achieves one of Synatic’s key business drivers: getting the right information, to the right person, at the right time. The business benefit to PSA enabled their client-facing teams to have a single unified view of each client’s account, as that team are not involved in servicing the client in the AMS360 system.

Irina Giller, Senior Business Intelligence analyst at PSA Insurance& Financial Services said, “The bi-directional integration of data reduces the chance of manual entry errors from occurring, ensuring that the client’s information is consistent on all applications and eliminates the cumbersome task of manually creating client profiles on AMS360.”

Giller continued, “Synatic has automated this process for us by creating event triggers that allow tasks like these to run independently. This means that we don’t have to assign resources to monitor and oversee this data automation process.”

An ETL Solution That Does More Than Copy and Paste

PSA’s BenefitPoint system did not allow external servers to connect to the database directly; therefore, administrators were required to continuously configure reports, export the data, and store it in a CSV format. The problem with this process was that it required a considerable amount of human intervention. In addition to this, the exported reports held numerous fields of unnecessary data that administrators were required to sift through before utilizing.

Synatic, rapidly built a data warehouse to store the large amounts of reporting data in a secure, reliable and easy to retrieve manner. Through the platform’s ETL capabilities PSA was able to make reporting data accessible to the administrators. This enabling PSA to transfer data safely and securely into their on-premise SQL server. Administrators are now able to access data and build reports directly utilizing connections from PowerBI, Excel and several other applications.


By working with a Hybrid Integration Solution like Synatic, PSA has been able to solve their integration needs and remove a multitude of manual process challenges with incredible speed. With their automated processes, PSA was able to free up valuable resources and reassign them to core business functions where they could be better utilized, resulting in improved resource management and an overall reduction in costs.

Giller said, “Synatic is capable of doing so much. We are eager to learn more about what the platform can do and how we can take advantage of its speed, reliability, and efficiency to improve more of our internal processes.”

They Delivered with Synatic