Synatic vs Ennabl

A Data Automation Integration Tool Comparison

Choosing between data integration platforms, depends on which features, and specifications are most important to you.
Synatic vs Ennabl
Synatic is a powerful data automation and integration tool that allows you to connect applications and perform various forms of data transformations regardless of their complexity. With Synatic’s Data Integration Hub (DIH) you can pull your data together, push it out to the right system, and operationalize your data for other systems to use. What’s more, the DIH has built-in solutions to that specialize in cleaning and deduplicating data, warehousing data, and performing specific insurance-related tasks - matching your download data to your AMS data and calculating commission statements to rename a few.

Ennabl assembles data across your diverse systems, cleanses your data and prepares it to be used for reporting and analytics from which insights can be gathered, however, the platform lacks the ability to push critical data back into other systems where that data can be operationalized. This is fundamentally flawed as the utility of the data ends at reporting and analytics. In addition to its fractured integration, the platform lacks several key features that make it an all-in-one data transformation tool.

The Synatic Difference

Partner up with Synatic for world class data integration and automation
Enhances your data quality and consistency by converting data from multiple sources into a consistent, unified structure.
Automate a number of insurance specific processes and improve operational efficiency.
Improve your customer experience and boost revenue.
Simply automate data in the warehouse to BI / AI tools to drive better data insights that can increase profitability and accuracy.
Build more data transformation faster by simplifying the error identification process.
Allow end-users to interact with the platform without seeing the intricacies of the delivered flows.
Easy debugging, error management, and access to this information in Ops Portal for business users.
Saves you valuable time by standardizing, preserving, and storing data from various sources in a centralized location.
Less money has to be spent purchasing multiple solutions to achieve your goals.
Synatic Vs ennabl

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Tools like Synatic and Ennabl enable data automation and integration through low code environments, improving efficiency and processes.

When considering purchasing a new integration platform, it is worth the extra time to ensure that the platform meets your requirements.

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