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Why Choose Synatic as a Partner

Synatic is a modern data integration and automation platform that combines iPass, ESB, ETTL, API Management and On Prem connectivity; Created to provide a holistic solution that delivers value with incredible speed. 

Synatic's data integration and automation platform focuses on 3 core tenets:


Rapid time to business value with reduced implementation times and an iterative approach.


Solve complex data challenges with predefined solutions and a simple no code environment without expensive resources.


No compromise on enterprise -grade features, reliability and scalability.
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Good strategy comes from reliable data.

Get instant recommendations on marketing and advertising with auto-generated, detailed reports.
No more juggling between 8 different tools
Draft, schedule and send mails with a single software
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Why is Synatic the Perfect Data Partner?

Pre-packaged integration solutions for immediate implementation
Dramatically decrease your solution implementation time
Remove manual data interaction, manipulation and movement
Integration and ETL combined into one solution
Many standard connectors and the ability to add more
Advanced and simplified monitoring
A platform that makes data and integration easy
Faster implementation at a lower cost.

What Types of Partnership Opportunities Does Synatic Offer?

Our range of partner opportunities provide expert data services, and make Synatic's platform available to customers around the world.

Delivering value to your customers with our data integration and automation platform titled closely to your IP.
OEM partnerships provide our partners with a way to tightly integrate their Ip to any other solution. If you produce anything from an eCommerce platform, to an ERP, to a CRM, to a WMS; Synatic will embed your product into your customer base with slick integration, and allow your proust-implementation time to reduce with pre-productised integrations.
Simplify the integration of the solutions you already implement by using Synatic to embed your supported product.
Synatic allows you to increase the speed with which you implement solutions, reduce cost to customer, and make your customer happier.

As a Reseller Partner, you can promote Synatic alongside your current solutions and demonstrate Synatic to your custtomers and prospects. Our team will provide the expertise and advice as required but you can own the sales cycle. You'll help the customer implement the solution in order to achieve their desired outcomes, and you can bring the team and Synatic into the project as is needed. You can even hand the implementation over the Synatic Team entirely if you need to.

Synatic will provide commission on the monthly system fees to Reseller Partners for all deals concluded. This is a partnership that allows you to expand your portfolio and helps you deliver better solutions to your customers.
Recommend our data integration and automation platform within your network - including your customers, suppliers and partners - and earn commission for every qualifying referral.
As a Referral Partner, you'll assist with lead referral introductions and relationships development, while Synatic will provide the expertise win our platform and drive the sales cycle to conclusion.

Synatic will compensate Referral Partner for referrals that result in a sale. This is a partnership that benefits you, the organisation you refer and Syantic.

Some of Our Partners

We are proud to be partnered with these great companies: