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Solve Your AMS Data Quality Problems with AccuData Plus+

Keep Your AMS Data Clean, Accurate, and Duplicate Free Year-round
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Keep Your AMS Data Clean, Accurate, and Duplicate Free Year-round

With data coming into your agency from multiple people and sources, you need to ensure the data you collect is cleansed on a continual basis.
Synatic’s AccuData Plus+ solution streamlines and simplifies the data cleansing process allowing agents to spend less time dealing with data quality issues and more time serving clients and being productive.

Do Any of These Questions Sound Familiar?

If so, and your frustrations fit into any of these categories, read on about how Synatic solves these and more issues.
I have to pull data out of an excel CSV download and fix errors one by one directly in my Agency Management System (AMS)
I have to manually search for duplicate accounts and identify which records the most up-to-date account before cleansing data in my AMS.
Once the data in my AMS has been manually cleansed, I have no way of preventing future duplicate accounts and errors from entering the system.
Identify, Match And Consolidate Client, Lead, And Contact Information Living In Your AMS

Consolidate Client, Lead, and Contact Info in Your AMS

AccuData Plus+ creates a single record of truth providing you with the most enriched set of data for all departments within your agency to work with

Using Clean Data to Empower Accurate Reporting

AccuData Plus+ ensures clean data flows through your solution stack and is presented in a usable and reportable format

Integrate Clean Data Back into Multiple Operational Systems

In addition to cleaning data, AccuData Plus+ allows you to pull your clean data together, push it out to the right system, and operationalize your data for other systems to use

White Paper

The Data Integration Challenge in the Insurance Industry

Download the white paper for an in-depth look into challenges and solutions when faced with modernization and automation for the insurance industry.


Automate Your Data Sources and Insurtechs

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