Save 90% of Your Time Issuing COIs by Leveraging Synatic’s COI Integration Solution

Ensure Your COI Solution Has All the Data it Needs to Produce Accurate Certificates
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Ensure Your COI Solution Has All the Data it Needs to Produce Accurate Certificates

Synatic’s Certificate of Insurance (COI) Integration solution allows you to connect your agency’s AMS systems to a range of COI tools, enabling you to streamline your COI management processes thereby making certificates easier to maintain and issue.
Gone are the days when you spend days manually inputting AMS data into your COI solution, now you can issue up-to-date COIs in seconds without ever leaving your AMS.

Do These Questions Sound Familiar?

How can I empower fast and efficient data access between my COI solution and my AMS to ensure I have the most current COIs?
How do I avoid the pitfalls of manual data entry and find more efficient ways to integrate data between my COI solution and my AMS?
How can I give clients the ability to issue their own certificates with the most up to date policy information from your AMS?
How can I eliminate manual work and avoid the potential for costly errors and omissions?
Remove the Manual Work from COI Management and Make Life Easier with COI and AMS Integration

Ready To Go COI Integrations that Accelerate Time-To-Value

Synatic’s COI Integration solution provides all the tools needed to make the task of integrating AMS data with your COI software simpler and faster. With Synatic you can move data without limits.

Ensure Complete Trust in COI information

Synatic’s COI integration solution allows you to shift your focus from verifying certificate information to maintaining data accuracy within your AMS.

Automatic COI updates

Synatic’s COI integration Solution allows you to automate the process of adding or changing COI information using AMS data via an API

White Paper

The Data Integration Challenge in the Insurance Industry

Download the white paper for an in-depth look into challenges and solutions when faced with modernization and automation for the insurance industry.


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